Civil Engineer turned into scrap collector

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There is an online scrap shop in Lucknow, which is full of scraps. Knowing that you will go to the Chowk, this shop is owned by a civil engineer Omprakash. Last year, Om Prakash’s job was missed during the lockdown. After which he decided to start his business. His work started from Lucknow is now slowly spreading all over UP. With this, they are earning up to Rs 50,000 every month.

Omprakash, 29, received a diploma in civil engineering from Hardoi Polytechnic Institute in 2014. After this, he got a job in a company. Some days he worked in Lucknow. During this time, his salary was less for him. When he left the job, he used to get 30 thousand rupees a month.

When Omprakash worked on the site, he had to do the work of scrap management. In such a situation, those who used to come to buy scrap, used to take scrap at the opposite price. He felt that business could be done in this sector. After this, in 2019, he created a website named on a trial basis. Omprakash started working in June 2020. Today a team of five people work with him. Omprakash has put the price list of all the items of junk on his website. If someone has to give any old or bad stuff to the junk, then Omprakash’s website is a better option for him.

After purchasing junk goods, Omprakash supplies ithemto big traders or big companies. Even after this, they earn a profit of 50 thousand rupees every month.

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