CLAT 2020, Analysis and Highlights!

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The Consortium of National Law Universities (NLUs), with much controversies and rescheduling finally managed to conduct the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT 2020) on September 28. CLAT exam was a computer based exam mode conducted from 2pm to 4pm across the country. Canidates willing to take admission in NLUs appeared in the exam. Overall paper was moderate to easy and students could make most of it. The sections including English, Legal Reasoning, and Logical Reasoning were comparatively easier than the sections of GK. Although candidates found maths section moderate difficult. The cut-off fro the top 3 colleges likely to range between 105-106, while for the top 10 NLUs should be remain close to 100. The result for CLAT 2020 will be released on October 5.

To know you let more, here we bring you CLAT 2020 analysis and the highlights from the experts in this filed.

Mr Sanket Bagla who is a Founder of ‘Ignite Your Dreams’ and director of Career Launcher Varanasi. He says that finally CLAT exam got conducted on 28th Sep and it brought a bag of mixed feelings among the candidates appreaed in the exam.

In reading comprehension the section contained a mix of passages in terms of themes. There were book extracts, excerpts from short stories, and passages on topics of current relevance. The section was moderately difficult; and needed around 27-30 minutes to attempt and complete in its entirety. There were 6 passages; with 5 questions each. The questions were a mix of fact based, inferential, and vocabulary/grammar based. These were standard reading-comprehension questions. A good attempt would be somewhere around 25-26 questions.

The general feedback for the general knowledge section from the student is “weird”. Why? Well, for any student who has been reading newspapers diligently, this section would have been very easy. Infact, the timeline of the questions asked was June 2020 – September 2020. There were around 7 passages with a total of 36 questions. And it was important to read a passage before answering any of the questions. Overall, the section was moderately difficult. A score of 20+, with an ideal attempt of 29-30, could be considered good for this section.

With a total of 39 questions from 8 passages, this section could be regarded as the easiest one this year in legal reasoning. Most of the topics were those that the students were already aware of. A score of 28-29, with an ideal attempt of 34-35 questions, could be regarded as a good score. Due to the length of the section, the time needed was somewhere around 35-37 minutes.

In logical reasoning time management is always the key. The section was again neither too difficult nor too easy. With a total of 30 questions.

Quantitative Techniques were having 3 sets and a total of 15 questions. The first set was comparatively easy for students who are comfortable with maths. The remaining two sets were a bit difficult. Any student who would have avoided skipping this section entirely; and attempted at least the first set would have easily scored 5 marks. The rest of the two sets would depend on the time that was allocated to this section. Overall, the section was moderately difficult; and a score of 8 could be considered a good score.

He concludes saying overall it was a doable paper and on the expected line and a score of 95+ should be considered safe for getting a seat in the NLU’s.

Another professional on our list comes Ms Roma Bachchani Gupta who is Director at Law Prep tutorial Lucknow, the brand which has produced CLAT AIR 1 in 2017 and 2019. She claims that paper was difficult than it appeared for the previous times, cut off for NLU Banglore is expected to be around 100. She mentions that however it was conducted really well without any hiccups but an average around 75 percent students only appeared for the exam. Cut off will likely to remain 100 plus, for other NLUs it will be least 85. She concludes mentioning the current trend Law Prep students were prepared well to face the exam and we are very hopeful of excellent results.

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