CLAT Consortium Jawab Dou! Leading CLAT expert LPT supports the 60K plus students voice (who sat for CLAT2021 test)

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CLAT 2021 was conducted on 23rd July 2021 in an offline mode. It was last night when the CLAT Consortium released the answer key which had several issues. First, it was the difference in the time allotment at various exam centers where some were given extra 10 mins to fill the OMR Sheets and some were not due to which the precious minutes of students were wasted which could have been used in solving questions. The Consortium has kept an obnoxious fee of Rs.1000 per objection which is outrageous. This extra amount being charged by the consortium does not make sense as it is the consortium that has made an error and it should be their duty to clear all doubts. CLAT is already the most costly entrance examination in the country with Rs 4000 being the cost of its exam form and if the consortium charges the students for the objections then it clearly signifies that they want to do away with any accountability at all. CLAT has now become a synonym for the word CONTROVERSY. Ever since the inception of CLAT, there has been not one single time that the paper was conducted without errors.

The Law Prep Tutorial CEO, Mr. Sagar rightly points out that this step is absolutely arbitrary. For every issue raised by students, the consortium asks them to file a case and the outcome of which even they know. There has never been a concrete measure taken by the consortium and instead of solving there deep rooted issues they have now come up with a measure that is bound to stop the students from coming forward to find a solution for their problems.

The Consortium should reconsider its decision of charging this extra objection fee and award bonus marks for the questions that were wrong in the question paper which is an error on part of the Consortium and for which the students and their parents should not be taxed.
It is our request to share this message to as many people as possible so that the Consortium realizes that they cannot get away with their responsibilities and keep on playing with the future of thousands of students. We live in a democracy and our voice should be heard. LOUD AND CLEAR.

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