Colonel Viplav Tripathi killed along with his family, was polite said civilians

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Colonel Viplav Triphati, along with his family were killed in an ambush set by terrorists in Manipur on Saturday. He had taken his family with him for the first time to an official posting, they were ambushed while they returning back. Along with Colonel Viplav Triphati who was the Commanding Officer of Khuga Battalion of Assam Rifles, his wife Anuja (36), his son Abir (8), and four other personnel of Assam Rifles were also killed in the ambush. According to local journalists, Colonel Viplav was a polite, helpful and a good nature person. Prime Minister Narendra Modi strongly condemned the attack, and said ‘their sacrifice will not be forgotten’. The attack took place near the border with Myanmar in Manipur. Manipur Chief Minister Biren Singh, has started a massive search and combining operation in the area, and said ‘justice will be delivered’. The late colonel’s family hails from Raigarh which is in Chattisgarh, while  his father is senior journalist in a local newspaper and his mother is a retired librarian. Colonel Viplav graduated from the National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla, and then joined the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. Colonel Viplav was also commissioned as lieutenant in the Kumaon Regiment in Ranikeht in 2001. The whole nation grieves and mourns for his death, and demands proper justice.

NewsNowNation brings an exclusive verse from Mousumi K Sachdeva, who dedicates this to our martyrs.

HAIL AND RISE AGAIN (Dedicated to our martyrs)
Their cowardice act kills a braveheart
They couldn’t even spare the olive-green wife
Their hearts don’t melt to shoot
And watch a daring six-year-old depart
But they fail to realize
They can kill hundreds
To see the birth of many more hundreds
Welcoming fearlessly the cowards to martyrize
Yet, not give up their duty
To protect the country
Sacrificing sleepless days and nights
To be wrapped in the tricolour till their last rites.

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