Conscious homegrown fashion label, Chidiyaa, initiates a positive movement with its Spring collection 2021, SLOW.

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March 2021: We noticed the leaves on the branches swirling around, dancing to the rhythmic tunes of the wind. Under the rejuvenating shade of the tree, we enjoy the soothing orchestra performed by the birds’ chirpings, wind and rustling leaves. It makes us connect with sounds and experience our contact with nature.

With the onset of spring, Chidiyaa, the country’s up and coming ethnic wear label, launches its Spring Collection 2021. With its spring collection, SLOW, Chidiyaa is taking out a moment to notice the sunlight shining through the eyelids. Chidiyaa is taking forward the idea of choicelss awareness by propelling the idea of being aware of one’s feelings and not restricting them in any manner. Chidiyaa believes that when one’s mind freely wanders and wonders about one’s capabilities of accepting and being aware of oneself and one’s life, then one grows.

Pooja Rajput, founder and creative director and founder of Chidiyaa, has carefully nurtured the concept of SLOW with her distinct design language through fabrics and prints, and draws inspiration from the world around her and the future she envisions.

Each one of the 23 pure cotton ensembles, includes dresses and kurta sets, establishes its own connection with nature and colours. Spring 2021, SLOW is finished with pocket detailing, traditional block printing techniques in Bhuj, Gujarat and is the truest representation of Indian handicrafts at its finest.

With something for everyone- the bold, the understated and the subtle- the collection is ideal to welcome and embrace  the spring season while twirling around in its easy, flowing silhouettes, unique motifs, and unmatched versatility in terms of styling.

SLOW starts at Rs 2690/- , is live and exclusively available on

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