Construct your home with low-cost stone sawdust bricks, developed in IIT Indore

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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Indore has developed a new technique for making coloured bricks with low-cost stone sawdust. The Institute’s Rural Development and Technical Center, in association with the Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Physics Department, has developed these unique bricks in the BRIC lab.

The institute’s professor, Dr Sandeep Chaudhary, Dr Rajesh Kumar, Dr Ankur Miglani and research student Vivek Gupta, Devesh Kumar made strong coloured bricks with millions of tons of coloured stone shreds from the waste stone manufacturing industry. Is shown by constructing. These have been specially designed keeping in mind the usage in a rural environment. Initially, four major stones of Western India, Dholpur, Jaisalmer, Kota and Makrana have been used in this research work which can be easily replicated with other stone vests.

In this research work published internationally in the journal Construction and Building Materials, the students of IIT Indore have converted another solid waste from the steel industry into a strong coloured composite, which is used as bricks. Can be used for making. To reduce the cost due to the chemical, they have used this strong material to a limited thickness in bricks and have made two-layer specific bricks that will not require plaster and paint when used. In two such layer bricks, strong coloured composites are used in the upper layer and in the lower layer the spice of normal fly ash bricks is used.

Dr Sandeep informed that intensive research work has been going on in the institute for the last four years in the field of profitable use of pre-manufactured products and waste material. From time to time interactions with the Brick Manufacturing Industries, researchers found that even today, in the rural environment, the fire-red bricks made of fire are of good colour, instead of the grey ash made from fly ash, environmentally friendly. Priority is being given. Red bricks made by fire pollute the environment, on which their manufacturing has also been banned in many states of the country. Fly ash bricks could easily be coloured with artificial colours, but then it would have been difficult to produce bricks at a low cost. So researchers used West material and developed coloured bricks using coloured stone sawdust which is strong and durable.

The use of these bricks is expected to save about 35 percent of the cost by not requiring plaster and paint. These two-layer bricks can also be made at the industrial level at a work cost of five rupees per brick. Such bricks can be made easily in ordinary fly ash bricks making machines with minor resources, which is expected to directly benefit about 20 thousand fly ash brick manufacturing industries across the country.

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