CoreField Technologies launches “Field Workers Day”!!

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4th September is now going to be celebrated as Field Workers Day.

India has a population of 130 crore and approximately 5 crore people of the employed sector work in the field services industry. With an aim to revolutionize the field services industry, the Founder and Director Mr. Amit Dhawan launched FieldWeb, a flagship product of Corefield Technologies. It was launched back in December 2016 and is becoming one of India’s fastest-growing Saas companies. It has become India’s leading business management app for SMBs, with 1000+ customers from more than 70 industries in a remarkably short period.

Field workers are working in every sphere of the eco-system and FieldWeb celebrates every field worker of India who is contributing to making our lives easier. FieldWeb enables micro, small and medium business owners to track and manage business operations easily and securely. It offers a wide array of solutions – Real-Time Task Scheduling, Annual Maintenance Contract Management, Customer Enquiry Management, Income & Expense Management, Passbook Management, Report Generation and many more.

FieldWeb is designed with the fieldworker and the end-customer in mind. Numerous comprehensive surveys and understanding of how it works in the Indian market, have helped FieldWeb design functions that help improve the transparency and visibility of the field service process. FieldWeb is gradually becoming a household name.

Today, 4th September,2021 marks Corefield Technologies 5th Foundation day. To commemorate this special day, the organization is launching a historic day in our calendars – “Field Workers Day”. It is a day dedicated to the field workers of our country and we definitely have something to look forward to. From now on, FieldWeb will always enable us to thank the million fieldworkers of our country. 

We congratulate FieldWeb for such a noble thought and wish them good luck all their future endeavors.


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