Creating a Sustainable Reading Revolution with Vidyut Sharma, Founder,

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The NewsNowNation team spoke to Mr. Vidyut Sharma, the founder of this incredibly cool company called The website is a portal for pre-loved, pre owned books and by making reading super affordable and accessible- the space manages to ignite a reading revolution in India.

Vidyut himself is a passionate and voracious reader, truly believes that India needs to get back to books. This company is more than an e commerce portal for him, it is truly a revolution. In every sense of the word.

Buying second hand books is not only friendly to the planet, since you save up on waste and we produce less, which means we pollute less. But also, on the pocket. With books under Rs. 100, is for everyone.

With the trend of #vocalforlocal and #aatmanirbharbharat taking the media by storm, we at NewsNowNation ask our viewers to support companies like before shopping at gigantic conglomerates!

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