CRISIL Opens Second LatAm Base in Bogotá, Colombia

CRISIL Ltd, the leading global analytics company, has set up an office in Bogotá, Colombia to provide its clients, including global investment banks, asset managers and private equity firms an efficient solution for nearshoring critical operations and services across North America.
CRISIL Irevna Information Technology Colombia S.A.S., the new unit has commenced operations. This is CRISIL’s second base in Latin America after Buenos Aires in Argentina.
Says Amish Mehta, Managing Director & CEO of CRISIL, “The Bogotá office enhances our global delivery model that offers domain-led research, risk, technology and data analytics solutions across time zones, and significantly augments our ability to service our North American clients.”
CRISIL is one of the world’s leading providers of credit ratings, data, research, analytics and solutions. Through the Bogotá office, CRISIL will offer a range of solutions to its clients spanning equity and credit research, risk management, assurance, data analytics, ESG and sustainability.
Favorable Location, Deep Talent Pool
Having a base in Bogotá will also help CRISIL benefit from Colombia’s ongoing growth and development.
Says Priti Arora, Global Head of Capabilities, CRISIL, “In addition to a favourable geographical location, Colombia possesses a workforce of experienced and highly skilled financial and technology professionals. By integrating that deep talent pool into CRISIL, we are creating an efficient channel for our North American clients to supplement internal capabilities, outsource key functions and move their value chains closer home.”

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