Dubai Expo 2020 hosts fireworks for UAE National Day Holidays

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Expo 2020 is all set for a stellar line-up of events as the nation celebrates 50 years since the birth of the UAE, promising visitors ‘emotional days’ bursting with many surprises.
The National day weekend will see an action-packed performance celebrating the insights and values of the country’s leadership with captivating shows celebrating the Emirati people and the nation’s 50 year journey so far.
Fireworks and several shows across four days with nearly 150 performers will start entertaining audiences from 1 December 2021, paying tribute to the country and its people — right from acknowledging the visionary character of its great leaders to the endeavours of its people, who are the nation’s soul.
Amna Abulhoul, Executive Creative Director of Expo 2020, says, “We have a festive weekend which is the Golden Jubilee weekend that starts at 9am and goes on till 2am. The country reaches 50 years, only once in a lifetime, and we want to make sure that from the time the gates open to the time till the gates close, everyone will be celebrating ‘emotional’ days.”
The show will be concluded with an Al Azi performance. It is a traditional poetry recital and the five to seven-minute performance will be accompanied by a demonstration from 60 Emirati men from different parts of the seven emirates. This will feature alongside horses of Dubai Police and the UAE Ministry of Interior Marching Band in the “Colours of the World Parade” between 12.45pm and 1.15pm.

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