E-summit, a climb towards success

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One can become an entrepreneur overnight but becoming a successful entrepreneur is the real challenge.
In times like covid, we have witnessed many businesses being dissolved owing to financial fragility. But this fear of closure did not limit the entrepreneurs to start a new venture. After understanding the market, identifying the demographics and analysing the market conditions some entrepreneurs started businesses that catered to the current needs of the people. We also experienced several youngsters using their talent and available resources like social media platforms to start and promote their businesses. Few became successful, few are still working towards it.
Entrepreneurship is nothing but having a perception and believing in oneself and a business idea. In the post-independence era, we have seen a large number of people with little knowledge about running an enterprise coming up with innovative business ideas and today, these enterprises have earned a name for themselves. Now imagine, with the availability of ample amount of resources what can one achieve. We at R. A. Podar College of Commerce and Economics are here to help you with just that. MONETA®, in collaboration with the Entrepreneur Development Cell of our institute helps you to envision how limitless one’s ideas can be and these same ideas can turn into a successful enterprise with a little push in the direction.
One of India’s Largest Financial Market events – Moneta, which has a legacy of over 10 years and has been known to spread and impart financial literacy and understanding of the economic environment has the latest edition to its family i.e., E-summit, an insightful entrepreneurship summit which aims at bringing business leaders from all across the country under one roof to inspire, guide and motivate young learners about what entrepreneurship is all about. A room full of ideas that not only encourages students from all across India to think about their business ideas but also provide them with a platform to share these ideas with the business leaders themselves.

E-summit scheduled to be conducted on 22nd December and 23rd December will include seminars on entrepreneurship, hosted by skilled experts from the business industry, special sessions with the alumni of Podar College who have grown to become business tycoons and a start-up-based event namely Think Tank.

Think Tank will prove to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs as it would allow them to pitch their innovative and out of the world start-up ideas and present them in front of the judges. This event will challenge the participants in every way possible as participants will be judged on their presentation skills, communication skills and logical reasoning skills. This mock platform would in return train these talented young minds for their future and would also enable them to explore their business idea in detail. If you have an incisive mind and a mind-blowing business idea then Think Tank would become a gateway for you to portray it in front of business leaders.
We are not promising success but we hope to help you take a step forward because entrepreneurship is not only innovation but also execution.

How to register:
• Registrations for E-Summit (Seminars and Think Tank) will begin on – 13th December 2021
• Contingent Leaders need to fill a separate form to register themselves as contingents.
• Non-Contingent Participation is allowed and can fill the form.
• Registration Links will be available on the official website of MONETA 2021 or on
the Linktree.
• There is no upper limit for participation per contingent in E-Summit.
• Last Day for registrations for Think Tank is – 17th December 2021, 11:59 PM.
• Last Day for registrations for Seminars is – 19th December 2021, 11:59 PM
Registration links:
SEMINAR 1: https://forms.gle/3XUE8B9nB8mxn3md6

SEMINAR 2: https://forms.gle/pm5r5gR4tz6a1brz5

SEMINAR 3: https://forms.gle/PkAKXYpN33BX8B6Q7

THINK TANK: https://forms.gle/Q3Q6TbarDZ3uRFgv7

Our social media handles:
Instagram: edc.rapodar
Link: https://instagram.com/edc.rapodar?utm_medium=copy_link
LinkedIn: E-Summit, R. A. Podar college Mumbai
Link: https://www.linkedin.com/company/e-summit-r-a-podar-college

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