Effects on your body you must know after you drink coffee

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Coffee is probably one of the most loved beverage around the world. The decadent smell in the morning, wakes you up and the caffeine in it, keeps you bursting with energy – until it doesn’t. Once the high attentiveness provided by coffee ends, comes the lazy part. Caffeine falls under the Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) drug category, meaning though it also cause addiction but is usually considered safe. Energy drinks have loads of caffeine and sugar to give you surge of energy, but over consuming these drinks builds up your caffeine tolerance, eventually making your body require a higher amount of it to get the results. Our body goes through several changes after we consume coffee, here are the changes that happen after we consume a cup of coffee:

1. 10 minutes: Just after 10 minutes of drinking coffee, it gets absorbed in bloodstream, interestingly caffeine starts to get absorbed from your mouth the moment you start drinking it.

2. 20 minutes: You start to get more alert, as caffeine starts to bind with adenosine receptors in your brain.

3. 30 minutes: Just half hour in, your body stars products adrenaline due to caffeine. But it also increases your heartbeat and enlarges your pupils.

4. 40 minutes: This is the moment, when our body starts producing serotonin due to coffee. Serotonin is responsible for feeling good and satisfied.

5. 4 hours: After 4 hours, especially if you’ve not eaten anything your stomach start to release HCl, as it anticipates that you’ve eaten something when you drink coffee. This may cause acidity in your stomach.

6. 6 hours: After 6 hours of drinking coffee, your urine production is increased as coffee is diuretic. It is important to drink water, when consuming coffee as it can quickly make you very dehydrated.

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