Exambazaar: An Ed-Tech Startup Striving to Help Students With Exam Preparation

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Exambazaar has evolved to be known as a great platform for coaching institutes where they can get exposure and become more accessible to students. It was launched in 2017 by co-founders Gaurav Parashar and Saloni Khandelwal with the vision of bringing fragmented coaching classes under a common umbrella. Although the coaching market in India is vast, these classes are not recognised by the Government as formal institutions. Hence with no authentic platform to turn to, students resort to putting their trust into forums like Quora and fall for false advertising by rogue coaching institutes. Exambazaar’s intent is to provide students with reliable information regarding institutions and to reduce cost for both students and coaching classes. Acquiring students through Exambazaar would cut-down the cost of advertising for institutions. The institutions could then use that capital to offer an exclusive discount to students who register via Exambazaar, in this manner, all parties involved would benefit.

Exambazaar acts as a medium for students, where they can search, waitlist and schedule a demo at 45000+ institutions spread throughout the country with just a click. Past records, pictures and information of the faculty of said institutions can also be found, which helps students make an informed decision. The below listed features of Exambazaar that are unique to it make it a game changer in the field of education.

  • EQAD or Exam Question a Day is a rare initiative which offers students a free question a day for various competitive exams, along with solutions and scoring.
  • ExamWiki is also another feature that helps students discover all the competitive exams they are eligible to sit for.
  • The Best Coaching section for various exams is also a useful tool which has expert assessments of the top Coaching Classes in India.
  • Exambazaar also provides extensive information on 50+ exams, which include latest updates, syllabus brochure, exam pattern, important dates, etc.
  • A handy tool provided is the “Coaching Classes Around You” which helps locate best coaching institutes based on exam, distance, city and locality.
  • The ed-tech startup even provides Free Previous Year Question Papers to enable efficient competitive exam preparation for students.
  • Exambazaar also has an education and career-related blog section on their website that provides information on various careers, degrees/programmes, tips and tricks for competitive exams, and inspirational write-ups.

Exambazaar continues to grow with over 4,00,000 monthly website traffic and over 500 daily signups. Moreover, since launching direct admissions in February 2019, they have sold courses valued more than 8 crores. In addition to that, they have over 75+ partner coaching groups, and are always adding new ones to the list. To put it plainly, the emerging platform with its unique vision is off to reach greater heights.

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