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A live demonstration of the National Law Aptitude Test (NLAT), the national online home-proctored admission test which was conducted two days ago by NLSIU Bangalore is not immune to cheating and was also conducted unfairly. It has been confirmed by the officials that it is impossible for NLSIU to eliminate any means of unfair advantage on the exam, even if they disqualify the dishonest candidates from the top 80 out of the 27,500 candidates or at least the ones who managed to log in the exam portal.

When inquired about the identification of the dishonest candidates from NLSIU, they commented that dishonest candidates once been identified would be disqualified. However looking at the technology that was used to conduct the exam, did not used the full software suite normally offered by NLS’ vendor, added the agency.

After all the messed up things, provision of retest for the students who faced difficulties at the time of logging in or faced any kinds of partiality were given a chance of retest today. But even the retest exam answer key was flooded on social media and eventually paper got leaked again! The leaking out of retest exam of NLAT which was conducted on a national level, has bring out much rage and disappointment to the students who appeared for the exam amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Though the test paper was available after logging in to the platform, still some candidates managed to copy the questions and publicized it on emails and social platforms after logging in. The university has assured the students for justifying their mistake from their part They also ensured of disbaring the candidates for admission to NLSIU who were behind this scam. Subsequently, a retest will be held again by the university for the candidates who raised their concern for the technical errors.

To let you know more about the paper leak scam of NLAT exam 2020, we bring you with the opinions of the most expierence professionals of the country who are doing best in their relevant fields.

Ms Garima Singh

Here comes Ms Garima Singh who is a faculty at Law Prep Tutorial, Prayagraj, she shares her views by saying that when the first exam was conducted, there were many students who were not able to log in the portal in the first place. The ones who managed to log in faced continued prompts like they are moving or they are not visible or their aadhar cards were not visible and not matchmaking just after the 40 mins the exam started. She added saying there were many students that were not able to log in at all which said that there was a technical problem or the exam has been already submitted. Providing another fair chance to the students, it was decided to reconduct the NLAT exam which was held today. Today when the exam was being conducted, just after the 10 mins of the exam the whole social media platforms were flooded with the questions and the answer key. She also added that there were unknown YouTube channels and websites that were showing the answers. She mentions that there was no proper mechanism of monitoring or proctoring the exam this way. She ends up saying that NLAT has taken away the fair chance from the students.

Mr Sagar Joshi

Another prominent professional comes Mr Sagar Joshi who is the founder of Law Prep Tutorial and mentor of All india CLAT topper of 2017, 2018, and 2019. He has also been training law aspirants for more than 19 Years. Mr Joshi keeps his views saying NLS Bangalore is most prestigious Law College and dream of every law aspirant! It’s very sad and disappointing the way NLAT has conducted the exam this year. He concludes saying ufortunately it’s the student who pays the cost of this negligence and face the consequences.

Ms Roma Bachchani Gupta

Another netizen comes Ms Roma Bachchani Gupta who is Director at Law Prep tutorial Lucknow, the brand which has produced CLAT AIR 1 in 2017 and 2019. She has also mentored several thousand students through her centres in Lucknow.
She puts her views starting with not one or two but several students were left clueless and stranded in between. While many were not able to even login for good 45 minutes after the exam started while others cheated with all the possible means. To what she heard few used calculators, google aids and some smart ones were religiously helped by their “exam aids” with questions been shared on the screen. She adds saying few of our students also faced problems and applied for re exam which took place today but few others who didn’t have issues in the initial paper were also pushed to retake it. Retest paper was also circulated during the exam through WhatsApp and other means was taken as been leaked. All said and done CLAT aspirants seems have been robbed of their rights and fairness. She ends up saying that the fair way to now go about it is to cancel the paper and let CLAT decide the faith of all the NLUs.

Mr Sanket Bagla

Another experienced faculty comes Mr Sanket Bagla who is the founder of ‘Ignite your dreams’ and director of Career Launcher, Varanasi. He shares his views on NLAT paper Leak by mentioning that technology have its impact now on Online Exams and this time it’s not the good one. It is evident that from this incident that there are still long way to go before we are ready to conduct hassel free online exams. Many candidates are broken with the news specially when they have been waiting for the CLAT authorities to conduct the exam but got postponed 4 time and now this news have further put the break on the further selection process. It’s said by the authorities that any “unusual candidate answer behaviour” and would result in disqualification of such candidates, the release goes on to state. He says the matter will be investigated further, the University says, assuring candidates of transparency and examination integrity but question mark have been put for the entire process.

Mr Manuj Mittal

Ending up with the views of Mr Manuj Mittal who is a career coach and a motivational Speaker. His take on the entire thing is been very unfortunate especially when it comes from an elite institution like National Law of school, Bangalore which is among one of the oldest NLU’s. He mentions it was a big injustice as the students at the time of pandemic. Though the things should have been made easy for the students they actually made it difficult. He thinks that it is a result of a conflict and a friction among all the NLUs where they are not able to come on a same page and the students are getting harrassed. He mentions that the paper leak clearly justifies the unequipped technologies and platforms through which the exam was conducted.


Ms Shrestha Walia

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