Fathers, partner with your daughters! The story of Bikes 24×7

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Khyati Khandelwal is a sprightly, young and vivacious 22 year old with dreams to create, succeed and build. Khyati is a part of the wave of entrepreneurs digitising and expanding on family business, to exponentially scale the impact.

Bikes 24×7, is a two-wheeler dealership in the city of Pune, that is using technology to create an ecosystem of refurbished bike sales in the city. Essentially, Bikes 24×7 is an end to end solution for both bike sellers and buyers, and it takes over the process of furnishing and refurbishing the bike to provide a solution to both parties. A combination of brick and mortar shops along with online processes and systems design, Bikes 24×7 takes traditional reselling of bikes to a whole different level.

It helps with the paperwork, marketing and quality control and ensures that the process becomes as seamless and standardised as possible.

Khyati’s father has been in the pre-owned two-wheeler industry for over two decades, and he has managed along with his extended family to gather 40% of the market share in this space. However, Khyati noticed, that albeit with a fair amount of potential- the market is fairly unorganised living space for obscurity, miscommunication and all the detriments an undefined space can bring, for both business owners and customers. There was also a lack in the paradigm shift towards technological presence that specific to the two-wheeler space.

Khyati’s says her father casually suggested last year, that there could be a synergy between them and they could enter the online world, and create an internet portal, of sorts to actually bring an India wide system for the sale and purchase of pre-owned two-wheeler vehicles.

What started as Sunil Motors has blossomed into an up and coming Startup, that although is modern, fresh and hungry to innovate, brings with itself credibility and years of experience.

At 22, Khyati works with her father and sister- sometimes firefighting, sometimes brainstorming and sometimes executing. She handles the technology aspect, given that she is an engineer, and worked to create the User Interface of the website. Her younger sister Disha works on the digital marketing and content creation front- while their father handles all the executive operations of the business. The collaborated with a website team to create a website, that is now live and hired a team of interns to create everything from scratch.

It is evident from her passion, zeal and energy that Khyatis work at Bikes 24×7 is her whole life. She is grateful to work with her family, especially her father,  and for this incredible opportunity to create something that we believe, will take her and her family to new heights!

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