Ganga water blackened with drains and STP dirt even before bathing

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After seeking information from the PMO, Central Pollution Control Board about the blackening of Ganga water at Sangam Nose and other ghats, the concerned departments are engaged in rescue. Claims are being made by the Regional Officer of the Pollution Control Board that the Ganga water has a BOD standard. The truth is completely different from this.

The Samta drains in the Ganga directly into the Ganges at Rasulabad, Salori, Daraganj, Naini, Jhunsi, Phaphamau and the dirty water of STP open the claims. The untreated sewage water is being dumped into the Ganges and Yamuna. That too when there is only one week left in the beginning of the Magh fair.

After questioning the PMO, senior officials of the Central and State Pollution Control Board directed to check the purity of the Ganges water. Regional officials of the Pollution Control Board took samples of beers and bottles of water from various ghats of Ganga and Yamuna on Friday for testing throughout the day. The designated institution on behalf of the Municipal Corporation also carried out cleaning on the ghats.

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