Gaurav Gupta: The owner of India’s only rooftop mounting systems business that delivers 1 GW!

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Strolar, like many businesses, was established out of a need to address a problem and provide a solution to the Indian solar sector, which did not exist in 2014. Gaurav met the other co-founders while working as a Sr. Project Manager for a German MNC. He’d been working in the solar sector since 2010, at a period when India’s solar industry was just getting started.

Stroler: India’s only rooftop mounting systems business that delivers 1 GW

Methods used in India were based on the design of foreign markets, where craftsmanship was greater and hence more expensive and suited to the international market’s pricey lINDIA’S experience and the support of his colleagues, Mr. Rajendran Murthy and Harshal Akhouri, they decided that it was time for India to have its own set of mounting ranges that were not only economically feasible but also universally compatible with the current mounting troubles that the Indian market was still oblivious of; thus, they began with the Strolar is now India’s only rooftop mounting systems business that delivers 1 GW.

They never had any financial backing and depended on the start-up. Hence, failure was no option for him. According to him, “Unless you have feared extinction, you’re never a start-up”. Unfortunately, with their third endeavor, that came too soon for them. Despite the best efforts, the initiative was a complete failure, putting them in jeopardy of never working with the client again.

Not only did they recover, but Strolar went on to become a force to be reckoned with during the next two years. In terms of the customer, we became one of their preferred providers.

 His strategy was, “When you don’t have money, you run lean, you manage relationships, strategize towards your vision and best of all, you build great products”.

From scratch to an empire

When they first started, they had a team of five people: three co-founders and two hardworking team members. They have grown to over 100 employees after roughly 6 years in operation. He wanted to be an astronaut as a youngster, or an amazing artist, or a teacher. He even aspired to be a doctor since he felt it was a great profession. But his passion changed and led him to even greater success. Strolar recently supplied their products in Dubai, Oman , Ethiopia, Kenya and now working on a few projects for Uganda and Nepal, also we are in discussion to start the production unit in Africa for their rooftop mounting structure products.

In his words, “The hardest part of becoming an entrepreneur is that work never shuts off and there are no more “days off.” You wake up, and work is the first thing that comes to mind no matter where you are. You even think about work while you are eating out or posting photos on Instagram. That being said, you now have the flexibility to be obsessive over your work anywhere you want to be. “

“So, the greatest positive is that you can take long holidays or not miss a friend’s wedding in the other part of the country anymore because a boss won’t let you leave early – but make no mistake, you are always working on that flight or even as you sleep. It never shuts off, but if you love what you are doing, why would you want it to? When you’re an entrepreneur, everything that you do is evaluated because you’re used to making quick judgments.”

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