Google to pay Wikipedia for using wiki articles and snippets in search

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For using Wikipedia’s information on its search engine, Google has agreed to compensate the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organisation. Google and the nonprofit digital repository Internet Archive were named as Wikimedia’s first Wikimedia Enterprise customers.

Notably, Google has become Wikipedia’s first-ever customer. The Wikimedia Enterprise was just recently made available as an opt-in product by the Wikimedia Foundation. To help them better understand their needs with the software, the company will provide new customers with a free trial account if they self-register.

“Our first two customers are a good illustration of how Wikimedia Enterprise is made to accommodate a range of content reuse and sourcing requirements. Whether it’s to fuel a percentage of knowledge panel results or maintain Wikipedia citations, Google and the Internet Archive use Wikimedia content in very different ways “According to a blog post by Lane Becker, Senior Director of Earned Revenue at the Wikimedia Foundation.

According to Wikimedia, organisations and businesses of any size can use Wikimedia Enterprise products, which include specialised customer support and Service Level Agreements, for a variable cost based on their usage. The website now offers a free trial account with 10,000 on-demand requests and unlimited access to a 30-day Snapshot for businesses interested in using Wikimedia Enterprise services.

The opt-in, for-profit Wikimedia Enterprise was introduced last year by the nonprofit Wikimedia foundation. All users will still be able to use the Wikimedia projects for free, including the collection of publicly accessible datasets, tools, and APIs that the Wikimedia Foundation provides.

Google sources its content from Wikimedia, increasing the amount of its search results. Google uses Wikipedia as a source of the information displayed in its knowledge panel. According to Tim Palmer, Managing Director of Search Partnerships at Google, the new alliance with Wikimedia will improve the effectiveness of the content sourcing process.

“A special and priceless resource, Wikipedia was made available to everyone for free by a committed volunteer community. In pursuit of our common objectives of increasing knowledge and information access for everyone, we have long supported the Wikimedia Foundation. We are eager to strengthen our relationship with Wikimedia Enterprise and put even more money into the foundation’s long-term viability and the information ecosystem it is fostering “said he.

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