Houseboon: Your kind of process for house renting

Share with your friends is a tech-driven startup that makes finding your perfect home a snap. It was founded in March of 2019 and is the only online service where you can secure your adorable home in just a few moments.

Technology has revolutionized practically every commercial sector. Now is the moment to transform renting a house from exhaustion and anxiety to one of delight and convenience.

The objective of this startup is to use technology to enable a straightforward house rental process for everyone, making it standardized, inexpensive, and reliable. They want to make renting a home as simple as booking a room digitally.

How did it begin?

The beginning of Houseboon was led by Rajnish Insha and Sudarshan Kashyap when they began their real estate entrepreneurship career. They were confident in assessing the evolving real estate rental market as it is a much unregulated industry in India.

They discovered that no one wants to go home physically if they can obtain factual information, photographs, and a short video instead. Another thing they found is that paying a large brokerage fee is a major contributor to their negative home-moving experiences.

Many fraudulent contracts from third-party companies and agencies are also a major factor in their negative rental experiences. Admittedly, they had a specific purpose in mind: to create a platform that allows people to book homes without physically visiting them.

Why they are best?

They provide end-to-end administration, such as paying electricity and house rent via their profile, to make it more helpful. It’s also highly handy for landlords and other coliving/PG services, as it allows them to examine all tenants’ records and their financial activities readily. HouseBoon is a product that they created based on their feedback from every renter and landlord they encountered.

If we talk about their background, Sudarshan was a student at NIT, Patna, and Rajnish at NSIT, Kolkata. They both agreed to establish their businesses and came up with the idea of assisting students with lodging, travel and locating their exam centre when they travel to some other city to sit the exam. was their very first venture. Their progress was satisfactory but not exceptional, so they decided to forego their degree and relocate to Gurgaon to build a name for themselves in the industry.

The first issue Rajnish had was locating a suitable room. He managed to get a place somewhere, but the first day He understood, He had been duped because there was no good electricity or running water. So he chose to switch rooms, but the landlord refused to reimburse his rent and security deposit. Anyway, He started looking for a new space, checked the internet, and contacted a broker.

He showed him a Rs.16,000/- room and told him about his Rs.8,000/- brokerage. This incident jolted me awake and caused him to reconsider my Examtravel  plans since He saw a better possibility in real estate. They did more market research and discovered that their idea for would not be needed for a long time.

These were the circumstances that led to the emergence of Houseboon. Rajnish (CEO) and Sudarshan (COO) have progressed this organization to achieve new levels of progress. Now they have Pulkit Agarwal (CTO) in their team who specializes in Technology and leadership. 

In the words of Rajnish: “Failing of anything is not an end, It’s the beginning of a new or great journey.” So we can say that this motivation has made me achieve so much success and praise. 

Contact details

224, Tower B, Suncity Success Tower, Sector-65, Gurgaon, Haryana-122018 | Contact Number: 9199648400

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