How Celcius is becoming India`s largest online cold chain network

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NewsNowNation brings to you inspiring entrepreneurial stories from around the country. We have a mission to showcase innovation and spread a message across the world. We are in conversation with Swarup Bose. Founder and CEO, Celcius. Celcius is an online marketplace which connects shippers & transporters pan India & our network grows with each passing day.

Q 1. How you started your career (please explain this in detail)

My team and I had been working in the Cold chain sector in the UAE before we moved to India. Back then, we were taking in orders from India and we noticed the huge potential that the market held in the cold chain sector. We also noticed that India’s cold chain market lacked technology-based approaches. We looked at this as a golden opportunity for us to enter the Indian cold chain industry. We have been a part of this industry for 18 years and that gave us an edge and a unique insight when we started Celcius.

Q 2. How many people were there with you initially?

When we started this venture, initially it was just me and my co-founders, Rajneesh Raman (Co-Founder and COO) and Arbind Jain (Co-Founder and CTO). From there on, the team grew to where it is today. In our earlier days, we used to work from a small office in a remote location but in that period, we were able to innovate and come up with new ideas. The success that Celcius has achieved today is largely backed by our quest for innovation.

Q 3. How many people are part of your company today?

We have a strength of 27 employees spread across India. We have been hiring 5-10 people every month for Sales, tech, operations and our team has been growing at a very fast pace.

Q 4. What kinds of struggles and barriers did you face during your journey?

Like most startups, our biggest challenge initially was for the market to accept a disruption in the age-old cold chain practices that they were inclined to follow. Bringing a tech-based approach to a non-tech oriented sector and awaiting for them to adapt to this solution was a struggle. However, once we got the initial traction of clientele, we got to experience how the Indian cold chain industry, open-mindedly adopted our solutions. Presently, we are grateful to be in a position to grow our business and scale up exponentially.

Q 5. What does Celcius do and what role did it play during the pandemic?

Celcius is a cold chain marketplace and our SaaS-based platform helps aggregate shippers, transporters and manufacturers of small, medium and large scales. We got a head-start during the pandemic and launched our platform in November 2020. We studied the early stages of the pandemic and observed that a lot of the small-scale transporters were losing out on a stable source of income as they did not have means to connect with cold chain product manufacturers. We also noticed that the industry in general was segregated and it required a network that could cohesively connect the loose ends. Hence, when we launched our SaaS-based platform we ensured that we accommodate the needs of every supply chain entity that comes on board with us. Celcius’ platform connects the transporters to a nationwide network of manufacturers and shippers and they can collaborate with them as per their requirements. Moreover, when the transporters are en route, the manufacturers receive live reports every few hours, keeping them up to date with the entire operation. We have successfully transported Covid vaccines across the nation since they became available and we have been working tirelessly to ensure that cold chain products like dairy, meat, fish, other pharmaceutical drugs/vaccines are widely accessible to people in tier 1 to tier 3 cities and remote areas. We have expanded our reach to over 97 cities and we plan on building that up to 200 within the next quarter.

Q 6. What is your company’s turnover?

We currently amount to a turnover of around 45 Cr.

Q 7. How much did you invest initially?

Initially my co-founders and I invested 25 lakhs to kick-start the business and to focus on tech development.

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