How does hugging and cuddling affects your health? Check out 5 amazing health benefits of hugging you never knew

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The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how people interact, from online classes to home delivery of foods, we all have changed the way we live and interact socially. Our social life has also suffered a massive blow, which has lead to increased anxiety and mental stress in many folks. Earlier, people used to socialize, travel and have get-togethers which helped them manage their stress. Hugging someone is one if the easiest way to communicate our feelings and affection to another person. A hug is a simple and yet an effective way to both feel better and make someone else better too. Here are 5 benefits of hugging:

1. Improved production of oxytocin

Hugging your loved ones improves the production of oxytocin, the hormone responsible for making us feel better. Moreover, 2 people hugging each other provide relief from stress and generate a feeling of contentment too.

2. Hugging helps to sleep better

Hugging, since calms the brain, it also improves sleep rhythm. Especially, if you hug someone before going to sleep, it will improve both of your mood and will provide better sleep quality. In turn, the production of the stress hormone – Cortisol is also reduced.

3. Improves cardiac health

It has also been seen that hugging improves cardiac health, people who hug regularly are also better protected form cardiac diseases. People who don’t hug that much have an average heartbeat that is 10 beats higher than normal.

4. Improves social stability and support

 Another study also showed that hugging improves social stability and support, and prevents you from falling ill. People also healed quickly when they had better social support.

5. Indirectly stimulates thyroid gland

 Hugging also indirectly stimulates the thyroid gland, which improves your immune system. Hugging also improves self esteem and inculcates a sense of affection in children.

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