How Glare and Gleam is inspiring young women to be Independent!

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This is the story of two Best Friends turned entrepreneurs, Vyomika Kaushik (23) and Sumati Madaan (21).

They met in college while doing their respective courses and have became the thickest of friends. Sumati is currently pursuing her English Hons and Vyomika has done her MBA in marketing.

Vyomika, from Haridwar and Sumati, from Jagraon (Punjab) loved getting their nails extensions done in Delhi. Coming back to their home towns and not being able to get their nails done there, they started finding ways to make their nails look pretty.  They started designing press-on nails and what started as a hobby, soon turned into a part time business.

Sumati says “My family is my pillar of strength. They have always pushed me to follow my dreams. Behind every small business is a family. No huge investments were needed and we were ready to take the plunge and grow our passion of press-on nails into a full fledged business. We make a great team.”

Vyomika says, “My family and friends have always supported me unconditionally and I owe a great deal to them. Sumati is more passionate, and I’m more Zen. She gets inspired by vision, while I like to see the proof in the numbers. We realized that it is these differences that actually make us great business partners”

Sumati says, “We dreamt of being young independent modern women. If your passion is there, you will grow.”

Vyomika says, “In due course, we started collaborating with some of the big Make Up Artists and sold our nails to bloggers & influencers. We wanted to build a press-on nails community. We have an amazing Glare and Gleam Instagram family, who support us in every way.”

The young girls believe that it is important to balance business with friendship, all with the added challenges of working in a remote environment. With the shift to remote work, communication has become even more important.

Sumati and Vyomika design the press-on nails themselves. They coordinate from different cities and manage the logistics together. One runs the Instagram page to enhance their presence on social media, while the other takes care of the operations. While they continuously bounce ideas off of each other and give each other advice and input, both of them have a clear vision of their individual responsibilities, which helps the business flourish.

Glare and Gleam is a perfect example of starting a business from scratch. The amount of time spent building and running a business together gives cofounders the opportunity to give each other advice and share insights with each other in order to make business decisions.

For more details, follow their Insta page @glare._.gleam

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