How is cell phone affecting your skin and body? Check out 5 hidden drawbacks of using cell phone.

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Mobile devices since their inception have become a quintessential part of our lives, and now are more important than ever. We use them from calling, to video meeting, learning to sharing content on social media platforms. And mobile devices have improved too, with better cameras, more technological advancements, mobile devices are surely something that are going to stay with humanity for a long time. But, sometimes they can be problematic too; they can cause addiction to social media, eye strains, and make us couch potatoes too. One of the unnoticed effect of mobile devices is on our dermal health, they can actually give rise to a number of skin health issues. Here are 5 skin problems which may stem from mobile devices that we must check out.

1. Acne

A lot of people get acne from their mobile devices, the surface of our phones is one the dirtiest surface and directly making contact with our face can give rise to acne.

2.Allergic reactions

 A lot of people can also suffer from contact dermatitis, an allergic reaction which happens when we touch something allergic. Nowadays phone cases are being built with material like chromium and nickel, which give rise to this problem.

3. Hyper pigmentation and Dark circles

The blue light emitted from mobile screen not only disrupts our biological sleep cycle, but also causes hyper-pigmentation and dark circles. Using reading more, our apps that block blue light are the cure for the problem.

4. Premature ageing

 Another research has pointed out, that light emitted from mobile devices causes premature ageing. The only solution to this problem is to limit use of mobile and other electronic devices.

5. Posture deformation

 We almost always use mobile devices with our necks bent down, this puts a lot of pressure on our backbone. It also cases formation of creases on our neck. Taking breaks in-between mobile usage helps with this issue.

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