How PCOS Club India is empowering women to manage their PCOS in a holistic way!

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In conversation with the fun and talented Nidhi Singh, Founder & CEO of PCOS Club India

1. What is the PCOS Club all about?

PCOS Club India intends to spread awareness, educate people and break the stigma around PCOS so that women are no longer sidelined by society. It is India’s largest patient-focused PCOS community that advocates early diagnosis, intervention, and treatment—it empowers women to manage and heal their PCOS holistically and through alternative methods and reduce dependency on conventional medicine

2. How did you come up with the idea of establishing your company?

I realized that we needed someone in the PCOS community who can compile all the credible resources and help women find the most accurate, latest, up-to-date information at once. This would help them accomplish their health goals sooner and lead to faster healing.

3. What were the challenges faced while setting up your company?

To be honest, I have been so blessed. I have always been getting so much support from whoever we have reached out to so far. But there have been some instances when I was told that I’m not from the health sector which is why I shouldn’t be pursuing being the advocate. Also, as a female & solo founder, it can be overwhelming to build everything on your own—the journey gets quite lonely there. I have realised building your support system is SO crucial.

4. What is so unique about PCOS Club?

Honestly, everything! It’s India’s largest PCOS-centric community. PCOS Club India talks about issues that have been seen as a taboo in the society: be it PCOS, menstrual hygiene, sexual health & wellness—the list goes on. We have 3 FREE self-help tools as well as a jumpstart program that is gynaecologist-approved. We’re trying to do everything we can to get women the help, support and resources they need to heal their PCOS.

5. What is the vision of the company?

To become the largest  community-driven PCOS management platform for South Asians.

6. How has your experience been being an entrepreneur?

It has been adrenaline-charged, exciting, sometimes exhausting but most of all: SO FRUITFUL. I really love getting messages from people telling me that they finally got their periods after so long or that they’re feeling a huge difference in their health.

7. Who has been your biggest inspiration?

I look up to Indira Nooyi and how she has proved to be the most admired & powerful business leaders. One of her quotes that always stays with me is “You’ve got to have your own strength and call on it in the toughest moments.”

8. What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy reading the latest research and science on PCOS so that we can keep curating better resources for our community. I like to network and speak to people who are building similar businesses so that I can keep learning and evolving.

I also ensure that I spend a few mins daily to journal and do my daily yoga which helps me keep sane!

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