How Shreyasi Singh is successfully turning her Edtech into a Global Virtual Campus – Harappa Education

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Harappa Education is an online learning platform that builds competencies to liberate people`s potential. It believes in the power of association and is driven by values. Harappa aims to go beyond qualification and focuses on learning and developing cognitive skills. It`s logo symbolizes the virtual campus of the future, representing equality and balance. To accelerate one`s growth, it has recognized some useful “Harappa Habits” – Think, Solve, Communicate, Collaborate, Lead. It is determined to have a name that is rooted in the cultural fabric of India and hence the unique name.

In a fun and engaging conversation with Shreyasi Singh, the founder of Harappa education.

Q1. How did you give birth to Harappa?

Ans. Having been a flourishing journalist, I always had a personal ambition to create something of my own. I always had the entrepreneurial vibe burning in me and wanted to design something unique and big. Education in India is broken and fragmented and this was a segment of industry where I knew business could be built upon. My co-founder, Mr. Pramath Raj Sinha brought to the table diverse life experiences and our focus was to upskill people. We are both learning junkies. We cared deeply about life skills, behaviour skills which are imperative for our personal and professional life. We were excited by the opportunity to be distinctive and impactful.

Q2. Who is your target audience?

Ans. I believe learning never stops and education is the most powerful weapon to use to change the world. It pushes us to do more and think creatively.  We have 3 business models running. Firstly, we have tie-ups with campuses, where we prepare kids for interviews and teach them how to communicate effectively. Secondly, we work with big/small scale enterprises like ITC, Infosys, Nasscom etc. Lastly, we also cater to the B2C category. We have a wide range of target audience from 18-45 year olds.

Q3. The EdTech battleground is heating up. What is your take on that?

Ans. Private school education in the US is so expensive, so there is an effort to create an affordable solution. In India, the problem is of accessibility and availability. The school and college curriculum has not been updated since ages. There is a requirement of upgrading and enabling tech solutions so that a wide number of people can get access to our education.

Q4. How did the pandemic affect your business?

Ans. We have always been an online learning company and it`s only a miracle, that the entire education industry has moved to e-learning because of the pandemic. So that was an advantage for us, but there is lot of scope and potential to improve this space. On the other side, since campus` and companies did not generate much revenue, we were also impacted on that front. I believe pandemic has had its own pros and cons.

Q5. What does the future for Harappa look like?

Ans. Harappa has a vision for success and being known for expertise in building life skills. Our business model is determined to upscale. By FY23, we aim to target 500,000 paid learners and soon reaching a milestone figure of 1 million learners. All of our business models need to stabilize and grow. There is an opportunity to reach out to Harappa kids as well, go beyond English to other regional languages and of course to go overseas. Our future plans are unstoppable.

Q6. You seem to be loving what you do. What are you most passionate about?

Ans. I am passionate about a lot of things. I love living upto my own potential or seeing people living upto their own potential. It gives me immense joy and satisfaction. What drives me is seeing women being wealthy. It is just not about money, but also about being ambitious, independent and having that freedom to make their own choices. I thrive on designing – be it strategy, spaces, curriculum, fabrics. I enjoy the process of “Creating”. And oh! I am very passionate about my 14 year old son as well. He keeps me at my toes and I love it.

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