How Speed Kitchen is revolutionizing the cloud kitchen space

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In conversation with the multi faceted Paurav Rastogi, the Co-Founder of Speed Kitchen.

Speed kitchen is a shared kitchen space which provides ready to move in, hygienic and fully equipped, licensed commercial kitchens on a revenue share basis.

Q1. What is Speed Kitchen all about?

Speed Kitchen democratizes kitchen access by creating ready to move-in managed ecosystems. Speed Kitchen provides kitchen infrastructure service to digital first cloud kitchen brands. It helps you set up your commercial kitchen in a hot selling prime for delivery location.  It is the right fit for all your culinary operations – from setting up your kitchen to building your F&B brand, they do it all!

Currently, we are operational in Jaipur, Delhi & NCR. Very soon we will be expanding to other tier 1 and 2 cities.

Q2. How did you come up with such an innovative idea?

The F&B industry is really unorganized and owing to the pandemic, this industry has really seen a boom. We have seen multiple new food delivery brands as well, operating both from home and small kitchen spaces. My Co-Founder, Varoon and I with background in real-estate construction have always been fascinated by optimization potential and we saw this as a good way create a new asset class. This space is extremely traditional and unorganized; we wanted to create quality assets ready for scale by setting up commercial kitchens for all digital first brands. It was challenging to identify the right locations, land bank partners and suitable brands, but luckily, we have had a great journey thus far breaking even pods in < 12 months. We have multiple marquee brands like Chayos, Barbeque Nation, Hudson Chopsticks using our kitchens and we are all set to expand.

Q2. What is so unique about your company?

Speed Kitchen aims to serve you the perfect blend of decreased costs and increased revenue. You get a strong online presence and a custom made recipe for brand identity and expansion.  Speed Kitchen is your perfect real estate kitchen partner.

Once a brand partners with them, they understand your individual requirements – whether it’s renting commercial kitchens and equipment, setting up food delivery services, or converting your home food business into a full-blown cloud kitchen, they have got your back! Seriously, how cool is that!

Q3. What kind of services are being offered by you?

A brand simply needs to come to us with their staff and kitchen equipments. And BAM! They can start selling right away. We look after all logistical and operational needs – electricity, water, cleaning and all other infrastructure facilities. It is the perfect co-working commercial kitchen.

Q3. What is the revenue model of Speed Kitchen?

Only pay for what you use! Only share what you make! With our revenue-sharing model, we only make money if you make money. It’s a win-win! You might want to operate the kitchen only for a certain number of hours everyday, then you don’t need to pay for the rent, infrastructure, and additional space and time etc. You only pay for the time you worked in the kitchen and that is how we generate our revenue too.

Q6. What is the vision and mission of the company?

We want one in every 5 kitchens in India to be powered by Speed Kitchen having in the next few years. Our mission is to transform the Indian food and beverage industry by:

democratizing access to consumers and reducing real-estate/equipment costs

Q7. What do you like to do in your free time and what motivates you?

I love reading and playing badminton. It is the hustle that keeps me going. I absolutely love solving logistical and technical issues while setting up a new kitchen. The feeling of continuously being at your feet is what drives me.

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