How the Maloo Sisters grabbed 25 Lakh on Shark Tank for “Nuutjob”

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In conversation with the young and dynamic Ananya Maloo, co-founder of Nuutjob

  1. What is Nuutjob all about?

Nuutjob is a male intimate hygiene company that was founded in the year 2021 by two women Anushree and Ananya Maloo. The idea germinated from a personal problem that we saw at home i.e the excessive usage of talcum powder by our fathers to keep their intimates dry. Seeing a huge gap in the market place for addressing a very out there in the open problem, we decided to call ballshit ( our version of bullshit) on the embarassment that men had and take charge to bring about a solution to the problem.  We currently have four skus for men. An intimate wash, a an intimate deo spray, a liquid powder that acts as a replacement to talcum powder and a no rinse dry wash on days when you don`t have water to bathe or are on the go. We also recently launched a product for women to keep their sweating at bay. 

  2. How did you come up with the idea of establishing your company and creating such a product?

We saw that India absolutely needs products like these. Knowing that its definitely needed but due to the shame attached no one talks about it. We wanted to put a pin in it and do something different. We saw internationally these products were doing amazingly well and we thought it was high time that we got something like this to India. 

3. What were the challenges faced while setting up your company

Gender was a big issue in the beginning. We were setting sail on uncharted waters and it was a little difficult in the beginning. There are always questions and inhibitions when women take charge or the wheel of change. We had them all. We had friends and family who were embarrassed talking about it and it took a lot of work from Anushree and I  to keep believing that this would do well. 

4. What is so unique about Nuutjob?

Nuutjob is a company that premised towards male intimate hygiene. We understand what outdoorsy men are missing. We know what sun, sweat, wind and pollution- not to mention the dirt and grime of daily life can do to the hygiene of their man parts. But there are no options out there. So we took matters into our own hands. The result? Simple and natural – Men’s grooming products for man parts.

As part of our brand mission, we aim to educate and entertain while spreading a very important message about male hygiene.We create no-nonsense products without any harmful ingredients, senseless rigmarole or needless middle men. We’ve engineered, tested and re-engineered products that work as hard as you do, specifically designed for male skin. And we make them simple to use.

5. What is the vision of the company?

We really hope to male intimate hygiene a regular topic that does not have shame attached to it. We hope to make it a part of their daily toiletries and something that they boast of having in their pack. There is a lot of Education that needs to go into making a category like this work wonders but we are all in for the trouble because what lays ahead is pure gold for us. 

6. How was your experience of Shark Tank?

Shark tank spun our world around. The segment got the needed validation from the audience and that is the biggest feat for us yet. We were so happy to see all the sharks interested to invest into a company like this, take their bet on us see our vision and help us power through. Shark tank also enabled us to see how much more potential that this has and how much work that we need to put into this. 

7. What has changed post your appearance on TV?

We have seen people see more light in a segment like this. The seriousness that people have seen this brand with is amazing. We had men come and thank us for finally addressing a problem they were too scared or embarrassed to talk about. Women have openly spoken about this and gifted these to the men in their lives be it fathers, brothers, husbands, boyfriends or even friends. 

8. The “Maloo Sisters” are creating a riot in the market. What are your thoughts on it?

We are so glad that we get to do this on an everyday basis. Nuutjob aims to be ballsy and crazy –  that is what Nutjob also means. We are glad to see the reception and acceptance and a brand like this will work well only if make the right type of noise now. Two women taking charge and changing the ball game is something that we believe was quite needed.

9. How has your experience been being an entrepreneur?

There are good days and there are bad days. There also very good days. I live for them all. You are nothing without a purpose and I think I get to serve mine which is to change the world through Nuutjob. There are 5 things I put more emphasis on as an early entrepreneur 

  • Find your purpose, know what you are fighting for or simply working for 
  • Have a mentor or a guide. Because as an entrepreneur you are so in love with your idea you don`t see the cons that well. Have someone on your side who pushes you to grow but also calls a spade a spade and helps you improve. 
  • Know your fire. Know what makes things work for you and what not. Accept the strengths and weaknesses and work around them. A team is important to enhance your strengths and to fill in for your weaknesses
  • Once you scale come down to pick up. Help others when in need.
  • Make mistakes. There are only choices in life. The moment you keep brooding over them you don`t learn from them and carry on living in regret.
  • Who has been your biggest inspiration?

My Father. The way that he handles things at hand have truly inspired me not just as a business person but also as a person.

10. What do you do in your free time?

I love a good family time. Ansuhree and I love horror movies, which we catch up on every Saturday night with my other cousins. We enjoy sports so we take out time to swim and play tennis when free. 

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