How “Treat at Home” is providing affordable healthcare at the comfort of your home

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In conversation with Ajmal Saleem, Co-Founder & CEO of Treat at Home

  • What is Treat at Home all about?

Treat at Home is a digital healthcare platform bringing quality and cost-effective medical services to your doorstep. We facilitate this by creating a hyperlocal network of providers in a region and connecting them with patients in need.

Through app, web and call, Treat at Home is transforming time consuming physical transactions to virtual and making healthcare affordable by competitive pricing using an AI-enabled booking engine with integrated live tracking and remote patient monitoring.

  • How did you come up with the idea of establishing your company?

My co-founder Dr. Saleem, an orthopaedic surgeon for more than 20 years has been treating NRI patients and their families back in India. A major struggle he realised to be faced by their families was the access to medical care when in need. Most of them would be elders who need support from someone to be taken to a hospital nearby or get medicines from a pharmacy. His patients in abroad wanted to have follow-ups with him but found it hard without a channel.

While brainstorming this challenge in 2018, he asked “When everything is available at home, why not healthcare?”. We kept on discussing more about the current market, players and found out a crucial factor that was limiting reach of healthcare at home i.e, all existing companies have a model of employing people to meet demand in a huge country like India but it not possible and scalable by a single venture.

This led to the birth of Treat at Home, an aggregator platform that connects patients in need of medical services with nearby healthcare providers on-demand.

  • What were the challenges faced while setting up your company?

A good founding team was the major struggle we faced in our early days and as everyone says, that does matter a lot. We needed people who could think big and 10 years ahead. It was hard but fortunately we brought together a team both passionate and technically strong.

Following that, we faced a few like less penetration of mobile and internet usage which gradually changed, dependency on just a mobile app for healthcare which we changed by setting up a call based team to intervene and lack of awareness about the opportunity among healthcare providers which we showed the number of patient requests to overcome.

  • What is so unique about Treat at Home?

Treat at Home is an aggregator. We don’t employ anyone but connect existing healthcare providers to patients in need.

We are India’s first active live tracking based platform where patients can track providers.

Through an AI-enabled booking engine, patients are matched with providers based on distance, fees and ratings.

Apart from these, we verify all providers with their govt. approved certificates, patients can choose providers of their choice, platform is multilingual, patients can book services through call, view nearby providers and opt to proceed with payment after service.

  • What is the vision of the company?

Our vision is to be the most advanced technology enabled platform transforming healthcare delivery.

  • How has your experience been being an entrepreneur?

I enjoy being an entrepreneur every day, solving real problems that impacts people’s lives, hustling towards the next milestone, pivoting while facing a challenge and creating new job opportunities both in, through our company.

  • Who has been your biggest inspiration?

My father has been my biggest inspiration since childhood as he kept on thriving to do more, thinking different and working hard. He introduced me to my next big inspiration, Mr. Ratan Tata. He, in his late 80’s with the urge to do more, to step on the next big thing, not only for himself but for the society, has inspired me in numerous ways.

  • What do you do in your free time?

I’m currently pursuing my studies, so with Treat at Home and my college, I get very less free time. When I do get some, I prefer to travel not very far but to a calmer place. I try to come back the soonest so I can get into the next thing happening with Treat at Home.

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