India Accidentally Fired Missile Into Pakistan

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The Defence Ministry stated on Thursday that a missile was unintentionally fired into a Pakistani territory earlier this week, blaming the event on a “technical error” that was “very unfortunate.”

“A technical breakdown during routine maintenance on March 9, 2022 resulted in the inadvertent discharge of a missile. The Indian government has taken a serious stance and has appointed a high-level court of inquiry “In a statement, the Ministry of Defence said.

“According to reports, the missile landed in Pakistan. While the occurrence is terribly unfortunate, it is also a source of relief that no one was killed as a result of it“ It was also added.

Before landing, the missile travelled more than 100 kilometres inside Pakistani airspace, at an altitude of 40,000 feet and at three times the speed of sound, according to Pakistani officials. The missile did not detonate because it lacked a warhead.

“Be wary of the painful implications of such neglect and take effective efforts to avoid recurrence of similar violations in the future,” Pakistan advised India.

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