Innocent until proven guilty: A story of Khushi Mishra and United Medicity

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Khushi Mishra, who was just three years old and she died while battling for her life. This unfortunate sudden death of a 3-year-old girl in Prayagraj has shaken up society yet again. A tragic death that was now going around as the blame game from one party to another.

If we believe the reports, Khushi was shifted to SRN from the United Medicity on March 3 as per the medical protocols. It’s relatively early to speak about Medical Negligence as the state government official has already taken the matter into their hand for further investigation. However, the theory of medical negligence by the United Medicity hospital seems baseless as per the ground update.

The hospital has denied all the false allegations because the United Medicity Administration barely charged any amount from the child’s parents.

But the matter seems to be slipping out of hand because of the viral video spreading around, blaming hospital administration. In connection with the video aired in connection with the death of Khushi Kareli’s three-year-old girl, Khushi Mishra, the United Medicity Administration says that it is wrong to take two lakh rupees from the girl’s parents or to ask for more money. The girl was brought to the hospital in critical condition on February 15. It was necessary to have the operation done. After the required investigation, the process was done on February 24 with the consent of the parents.

On March 3, the girl was referred to Swarooprani Nehru Hospital for further treatment, where she died while undergoing treatment at Children’s Hospital. There was no negligence by the United Medicity Administration in the case. As far as money is concerned, a bill of one lakh 25 thousand was made for the girl child’s treatment, out of which the hospital took only six thousand rupees. The proof of this is the receipt of the money deposited in the hospital.

United Medicity said the allegations against the hospital were false. The allegation of two lakh rupees being taken from the child’s parents is also wrong. The hospital said that the girl was brought into a critical condition that required an operation. The operation was carried out on February 24 with the consent of the Parganas. The girl was referred to SRN on March 3 for further treatment, but the family went to the Children’s Hospital with her.

CMO Dr. PN Chaturvedi said that the matter is under cognizance. The allegations that have been made will be investigated. Action will be taken against the culprits.

The matter is under investigation, but how long the hospitals are to be blamed, and how long they will bear the cost of someone else’s deeds. United Medicity did its best job to treat the child, and yet the hospital is being accused. This is not the only incident where the section of society is targeting hospitals again and again. Covid-19 is proof that exhibits the tremendous hard work and support of the hospital and medical staff.

Can we sit back and keep our faith in the investigation team? Have we forgotten “Innocent until proven guilty?”

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