Israel PM, Biden Speak After Attack On Gaza Building

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The Middle East is once again on the agenda of US President Joe Biden due to Israeli airstrikes targeting Hamas, an extremist organization in the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, questions are also arising as to how the Biden administration is looking at the human rights issue of the Palestinians.

It is no longer hidden to what extent Israel was exempted in East Jerusalem during President Donald Trump’s term.

The ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip may open further fronts of fighting, and the Biden administration may be forced to ponder over the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Of course, this would be a situation in which President Biden and his senior advisers would likely avoid.

US foreign policy

Currently, he has made it clear that his diplomatic priorities are different. The Biden administration has not given much consideration to this graveyard of peace talks under the American leadership.

Due to the Trump administration’s inclination towards Israel, some of the major things of US foreign policy were abolished. Those things are now being quietly tried to return to Joe Biden’s rule.

This means that efforts will be made to bring back the deteriorated relations of America with the Palestinians.

It also meant that the Biden administration could support a legitimate Palestinian state as a condition of long-term peace with Israel.

But he has calculated that the possibilities of a fresh conversation are very weak.

Israel has the right to self-defense

He decided that the focus of China would remain on the agenda of US foreign policy. But things changed this week and the Middle East once again returned to the agenda and the same old things were repeated again.

The president and his foreign minister Antony Blinken repeatedly reiterated the same American formula, which states that Israel has the right to self-defense in response to the rocket attacks of the Palestinians.

However, in the US response, concern has been raised about the increasing number of common Palestinians being killed by Israeli air strikes.

But US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also spoke of differences between ‘an extremist organization targeting the common people’ and ‘Israel targeting the extremists’.

In the Israeli response to Hamas’s missile attacks, the Biden administration saw no such thing as a ‘superfluous response’.

Biden administration

Even if America appeals to maintain peace, but this view of the Biden administration is clearly seen as a green signal for Israel that it can continue its action.

Hussein Ibisch of the Arab Gulf States Institute says that in the event of a rocket attack from the Palestinian side, the US initially gives Israel a free hand until it feels that Israel has tried to destroy the extremists. You may not have taken the necessary steps.

The Biden administration also halted the action of the Security Council this week. In the Security Council, the United States has to face most of the criticisms on the occasions of saving Israel.

This time also America’s argument was that any statement or public meeting will harm the ongoing diplomatic efforts behind the scenes.

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