Japan appointed ‘ministry of loneliness’. Want to know why?

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Japan is moving rapidly in the field of technology on one hand. On the other hand, a new problem has arisen in the country of depression and suicide. Due to stress and loneliness, the number of suicide cases is rapidly growing.

Given the increasing suicide case in the country, the Government of Japan has appointed ‘Minister of Loneliness’.

According to a report, in 2020, a large number of suicide cases have been reported in Japan. At the same time, women are more among those who commit suicide than men.

Not only this, in October 2020, the whole world was fighting a battle with Covid and do not know how many people lost their lives with Covid. At the same time, the number of people who committed suicide more than those who died of depression was recorded in Japan. In comparison to 2019, the figures for suicide in 2020 saw an increase of nearly 70 per cent.

A report found that most women in Japan live alone. Many of them do not have stable employment and this is also being said to be a major reason for the suicide of women.

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