Jayesh Chouhan, a smart CEO of Sledding Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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When someone Beats the unbeatable one has the power to do the spellbound transformation in one’s life. You can fail multiple times, but your will and courage will never let you fall down; such is the greatness of life. The great person who has beaten the odds and achieved wonders in life is Jayesh, the proud founder and the CEO of Sledding Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Beginning of the career 

He started his career when he was pursuing his education (B.E.). Along with his friends, he created an organisation known as Delight Infotechs back in the year 2013. But, unfortunately, luck was not in his favour, and one of the friends  ditched him and took his money away. After this unfortunate experience, he took various jobs like a sales job, joined share market firms to gain confidence. After graduation, he worked with various great MNCs like Conduent (Formerly Xerox Inc.), Cyber Infrastructure Limited, Teleperformance India. This shaped up his personality and developed his other communication skills.


There were only two people initially in the company, and then five other candidates were hired. He also did various other things like Business Development, Client handling, Social media, Posting, Business revenue things, legal formalities, etc. He also went into various credit card debts, worked with the organizations, and faced the pandemic and its consequences with a brave heart. He left his well-settled job for building the business and got his all savings spent in the venture. 

There was a lot of negativity and sleepless nights that became part of his struggle days. Then they hired some of the best college students and provided them free training and various other resources. The company offered them the best pay that they did not even think about.  

Company’s turnover

The company opened by Jayesh Chouhan is nearing 10 Lakh Revenue. The initial investment is 5 Lakh RS. This also includes documentation and Registrations, various Teammates resources. His main target was to create the most transparent, Employee friendly, cost-effective, very huge profitable business. After a very long research of 8 years, he put his heart and soul to achieve the unthinkable.

Why join the company founded by JayeshChouhan?

Sledding Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a big name now in the market. They possess very much flexible working hours. There is no maintenance cost and even no taxes involved, and there is only a weekly advance. It consists of a very cost-effective pricing model that is largely known to start with just $20/hour. There is also a very favourable and genuine environment for the development. There is the presence of a Transparent process of engagement and also consists of a comprehensive reporting/management system.

It consists of a ready to use IT infrastructure and also consists of various other best facilities. A company like this deserves your trust, and you must trust the company and the founder. This company is built by the blood and the sweat of Jayesh, who has worked beyond limits to create something extraordinary.  

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