Kareena Kapoor’s beauty secret for a beautiful glowing skin

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Kareena Kapoor Khan is  one of the few actress who have really left an impact on the Bollywood with their acting and versatility. She is now a mother of two and looks even more glowing and beautiful. Kareena is also loved by the audience for her stunning beauty and style, she meticulously take care of her health and skin. A lot of us are amazed by how simply stunning and beautiful Kareena is. Here is a list of 5 Kareena Kapoor Khan’s beauty secrets that everyone should follow for a beautiful glowing skin:

1. Kareena firmly believes that moisturization is the key to keep skin hydrated, keep wrinkles at bay and always have a fresh look. That’s why she always moisturizes at least twice daily to keep her skin hydrated and supple.

2. Kareena also loves almond oil, she applies it on her face. This beauty hack is actually passed down to Kareena by her mother.

3. Kareena also believes that honey is one the best home remedy for a glowing skin. She applies raw honey on her face everyday. She also mixes honey with curd and apply it as a face mask on her face.

4. Kareena also loves coconut water, she also drinks a lot of water to remain hydrated and flush out toxins.

5. For her hair, she regularly oils them with a special mixture of almond, castor and olive oil. She also prefers to air dry her hair rather instead of blow dry.

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