Keep your stress at bay. Follow these tips.

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Class 10th and 12th board exams form the foundation for the future of the students. The board exam is considered the first step of success.

In this era of the coronavirus epidemic, students are going through a lot of stress. The examination pattern and evaluation process have also changed. In such a situation, many students are worried about preparing for the Board Exam 2021 while at home. To reduce this tension of students, we have brought the best exam tips for 2021 for you.

1.Implement new Techniques: No matter how short the course outline is, it still provides fear for many people to go through the full text in their minds. Therefore, learning from advanced learning techniques, such as genomics, that help students remember quickly through keywords and symmetry, can save a lot of time and help students revise the entire section at a glance.

  • Try to choose topics.
  • Positively train your brain, and don’t load it with too many ideas.
  • Be clear in your mind and do not insist on yourself to cover things out of your reach.
  • Make noteworthy goals for a day.
  • Do not attempt to study all in one day.
  • Try to take it slow and assign your revisions as a result.
  • Try to choose 2 or 3 subjects from all the subjects and select two subjects from each subject and likewise go into the depth of the subjects instead of browsing all the subjects at once.

2.Create a stable and quiet study environment: Ensuring a stable study space is important, as it helps the student achieve self-realization. The key is reducing blockages from space, they can be in the form of sound and visual. Avoid having your study area near the background sound of the TV/music system etc.

One thing to remember now is that while online study material is just as important as offline, a study area close to your Wi-Fi connection is the best option. Posters of encouraging quotes, inspiring personalities can also be pasted.

3.Getting acquainted with important topics: The thought of going back throughout the chapter can be worrying for students. Therefore, highlighting key issues can be helpful in learning and rethinking. But how do you know which topics are important? The various types of books available in the market introduce ‘One for All’ for class 10th to get an in-depth knowledge of the problems faced in the board exams. You can buy any one of these books to have a deeper understanding of the important concept.

4.Solve sample paper It is often said that there is nothing better than practice. Try to solve a CBSE sample question paper every day from 10 am to 1 am in an environment close to what you are going to expect at your exam centre. Select a different topic for each of the five / six days. Manually assess at the end of the week, look at your strong and weak areas and try to resolve them in weeks to follow. Work on errors Many times, students are unable to perform their best despite knowing all the answers. There are many grammatical or writing errors by students. Therefore, while preparing for the exam, students should be aware of such common errors.

5.Follow the schedule. Sleep early, wake up in the morning, have breakfast and then study. Try not to be too late and avoid worrying about any counter-productive moments, stay focused and prepare for the important day.

  • Take an hour or two to rest and not worry about the exam.
  • Read, sleep, play or whatever you feel that the exam closes your eyes.
  • Good health and exercise are very important.
  • Staying away from the social circle is emotionally exhausting.
  • Proper exercise is important to stay happy and have a stable mindset.
  • Exercise may seem boring in the beginning, but it helps to stay active and have better concentration.
  • ┬áIt is also important to have a nutritious diet. It may not be as appealing and convenient as junk food, but it can provide the body with the necessary energy and stability during the rigorous study.
  • Green vegetables, fruits, dry fruits and dairy products can also help you.

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