Knowing The Revolutionizer Mr Puneet Gupta

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 Mr Puneet Gupta is the CEO and founder of Clensta International, an IIT Delhi partnered start-up venture. The start-up venture is based on the idea of accessibility of personal hygiene to all. Mr Gupta aims to provide hygienically and environment-friendly products that are also cost-effective in nature. He wants to make his technology accessible to everyone and wants the technology to reach vast masses.


The revolutionizer has done Honorary Doctorate from World Records University, the U.K., in the year 2015 and is also an MBA (Sales & Marketing) from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, in the year 2011. Puneet started his career with a renowned Multinational Company, named Honeywell, and later, he got attached to Defence Start-up. 

Mr Puneet Gupta’s achievements

He is the person behind the waterless technology used for solving unmet need of hygiene and sanitation through personal care products. He has accomplished great heights in B2B sales, marketing, procurement, vendor management, contract negotiation, and supply chain management. Hence the innovator contributed towards ‘Jal Shakti Abhiyan’ as this technology could save a lot of water.

  • The various Specific Consumer Groups that the technology includes

Hospitals – Government & Private

Defence – Army & Navy

Patients – Specifically, the bedridden Patients who are in urgent need of 24×7 care.

The company caters to Hospitality Industry as well.

The company is trying to reach the tier II & tier III cities as well.

All about Clensta International

The company was established in the year 2016. The company is an indigenous healthcare start-up that provides innovative healthcare solutions that aim to benefit all.

  • Aim

The company aims to create environment compassionate products that will benefit not just humans but also protect the world. The upcoming homecare products based on EBDC technology includes products of daily utility The pricing on these products is such that it saves a total of 7.7 billion consumers from exploitation and overpricing. The company also aims to save the environment from plastic overflow. 

Hence, the company’s founder feels privileged to have established such a company that saves people from disrupting personal & home care needs and inaccessible hygiene. Therefore, the company is the first and the best among the many in saving the world and the people from inhuman and non- environment-friendly products.

Clensta has now entered a strategic partnership with Cipla with a vision of 20x business growth in the coming five years, expanding to 7000 hospitals and four lakhs’ pharmacies.

Appreciations that Mr Puneet Gupta and his company Received 

The Honorable President of India has also acknowledged the company’s efforts in creating environmentally friendly products. The company has also gained various recognitions and laurels from the U.S. Embassy New Delhi (Nexus: The Innovation Hub), BIRAC, Ministry of Chemical and Fertilizer, The Indian Biotech community, National Awardee Company. And Falling Wall Venture. Hence this company has been globally recognized for its efforts and products.  

Mr Puneet Gupta received the Innovation of the Year 8th National Small Business Award in the year 2019, Best Healthcare Start-up in 2018. The company has been acknowledged as the Top 5 start-up of the year for showcasing to the Prime Minister of India. The laurels and appreciations received by the company and Mr Puneet Gupta are many.

 He is a mentor for many people who want to start a new venture and take that to great heights. The person used his wits and knowledge to sell low priced and high-quality products that save people from high costs and save the environment. Hence, in a nutshell, the person never gave up and succeeded in his business to do well and therefore he keeps on growing with fair means.

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