Krishnank Atrey: Co-founder of “Organic Kitchen”, the one stop solution for organic grocery needs

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Organic Kitchen, which started with a team of just 12 members, has now reached to about 200+ people. The company has been reaching huge milestones by receiving a seed funding of 1million USD in November, 2021.

 Organic Kitchen ( is a 100% traceable platform, where farmers (Organic producers) can create their profile and consumers can directly access the produce  with QR codes based traceability. It brings certified and authentic organic products sourced straight from the farms.

About the founder:

The founder of Organic Kitchen, Krishnank Atrey, after completing his Engineering from Thapar University, opted to work with a startup (Autoninja) in Gurugram, where he got promoted twice in a span of 1.5-2 years. Post that, he worked for a year at ZS Associates and then opted for Executive Education in Entrepreneurship at IIM Rohtak. Simultaneously, he started his first venture ‘Brand Engineerz’.

Unfortunately, his first venture suffered immensely at the outset of Covid in India. Not losing hope, he took this as an opportunity to start another venture, into Organic Food. And, that’s how the journey of “Organic Kitchen” began.

Right from the beginning itself, they were able to raise funds from angel investors and had no personal investments. Currently, they are one of the leading brands with a turnover of INR 2.9 Cr per annum.

However, like most of the ventures, achieving all of this was not at all an easy task for them.

For any startup, the first investors are the people who choose to work at the organisation, and this is the biggest challenge they faced.

“Why would someone talented, leave their current (well settled) job to join you?

Here, the ability to convince people and show them the vision becomes extremely important. Hence, I spent a lot of time networking and meeting people who could join us in key roles”, said Mr. Atrey.

Being a platform for Indian farmers, the next challenge they faced was gaining farmers’ trust. Since they had a good marketing team, they were able to generate good sales for the farmers’ produce, hence, gaining their confidence.

Moreover, during the second wave of COVID-19, they again faced challenges in terms of team’s health, but being a strong knitted working family, they supported each other and were successfully able to come out strong.

” We are literally like Uber for farmers. i.e. we do not own the farms, we only set the right practises and right prices for the products. Consumers get the full visibility of what is  coming to them; and farmers get a free platform to boost their income, without any contractual liability”, said the founder.

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 You can even download the app ‘Organic Kitchen’ on Apple-Store or Android Play-Store.

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