Lavish – The story of a young entrepreneur who was not taken seriously but today has a turnover of more than 20 Lakhs!

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Everything that you believe in can turn into reality with hard work and determination. We have one such story of Aarushi who is an economics graduate and has transformed herself into an entrepreneur. Presently her company has a turnover of more than 20 lakh which is a great deal to achieve in life. Not everyone has that determination and commitment because you can only be victorious when you decide not to give up and refuse to stop working hard. It Just takes the right decision in the right direction to turn an idea into action and action into profits. Arushi commented that “It’s a men dominant line of business where a lot of people do not take women seriously in business and try to fool”. Aarushi had all also been subject to search prejudices in society but that did not matter much to her because she was too determined towards her goal. Here is how Aarushi had a clear vision of what she wants to achieve how she overcame all the obstacles that fell in her way.

Aarushi started her career while she was graduating from Delhi University in the year 2015 where she worked for a company as a business development manager. Along with this, she planned that it was the right time to get started with the dreams of running her very own company and she begins with an investment of 30,000 to start. It’s not always the amount that you spend, It’s about the correct investments that you decide upon. The name itself says it all “Lavish”.

 She registered lavish in the year 2017 and started to sell on E-Commerce platforms like Amazon, Limeroad, etc. She started selling a lot of handmade clothes, accessories and handbags. This was just the beginning of her carrier but soon she came to a realization that this is not working well she did not give up and came up with another action plan for B2B exports. Winners always look for another plan keeping in mind their weaknesses and strengths.

Another important part of running a business is a lack of support in the initial years of development. Even though she had struggled single-handedly to operate the whole company but her family members were helpful enough to make it the success that it is today. Eventually, when she saw that her business started to grow she decided to rent an office. The foundations of a business can only be set when the initial roots are strong and today we can witness that the company has been blooming with 4 full-time employees and 65-70 part-time workers who worked across the country.

Arushi mentioned “there have been always struggling of getting clients and getting orders as a young entrepreneur hardly anyone took seriously initially. There were issues of finances too as I reinvested my profits into business”. This is one of those fears that so many of us sit back and never go ahead with our business plan. There are always struggles and barriers in a business and Aarushi just aced them all one after the other. She started bringing reliable suppliers and artisans but sourcing them out was a really difficult task. Another barrier included getting timely payments which was always a challenge for her. She believes that her firm has only been successful because she has competent professionals that work with global quality standards in mind. She has always been doing transparent dealings and has budget-friendly rates that have helped a lot in building up a client-centric approach. Reach them on [email protected]

Aarushi says “to become one of the preferential selections of our clients, we are working keenly right from our establishment in this industry”.

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