A women entrepreneur

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A session with Young women Entrepreneur and Motivational speaker Ashna Dhanuka

Long gone are the days when people used to believe that a person is working only when it’s done in an office under a boss. With changing mindset more and more people are taking risks for a better reward in their business and spearheading a new revolution.

An Entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business of his own and is willing to risk loss or order to make money. In entrepreneurship, success is achieved not only by mere idea or a good cash flow unless and until you’re not able to maintain a balance between the creative side and the business side, your business risks that chance of dying any day when a new competition arises.

An entrepreneur above all should be self motivated, you need to push yourself forward because no one else will do it for you. Remember you’re are your own boss. While entrepreneurship is fairly new domain, women have already started to show that there’s no field they can’t reign. A good entrepreneur needs to have faith and patience to be able to succeed in the long run, a trait women are born with.

Here comes Miss Ashna Dhanuka who is a young women entrepreneur and a motivational speaker and also a life coach. She is one of the famous speakers for her life theories on wealth and motivation. Miss Dhanuka is the one behind the successful social platform which runs by her own name “Ashna Dhanuka”. She says “owning my story and loving myself through that process is the bravest thing I ever did! Born amid the Himalayas in beautiful town Kalimpong and married in the land of goddess Durga Guwahati is my journey all about!!

Her success mantra of her confidence and success is “If you want to improve your self -worth, stop giving other people the calculator”.

Ashna ji is one of the best in this field and what she preaches are all about her own self experiences which also motivates her and bring a positive attitude toward life. It is well said that power of words is infinite and can change the world, these words if we understand well can motivate thousands of people. She is been doing a great job as a motivational speaker and we wish you the best for the future. Keep motivating

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