Making yourself a valuable team member: Aditya Jhunjhunwala

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Aditya Jhunjhunwala calls himself a playful CEO, and believes in living a life unsettled, full of curiousity, drive and passion. Aditya graduated from IIM Ahmedabad, and quit a swanky corporate job- to work with the youth of the country, and make them more emotionally and professionally competent version of themselves.

Aditya is the co founder and CEO of the Let’s Enterprise Fellowship Programme, and entrepreneurship education programme that stretches over 9 months where students get to practice business skills, and classroom theories on actual businesses that they decide to start. An innovator and scientist at heart, Aditya is passionate about working with people, especially when they’re young (at heart), driven and ready to create change.

Aditya has also mentored and coached hundreds of young adults in his life, and truly is dedicated to his ultimate purpose of making the Indian youth reach their fullest potential, to taking their raw skill and polishing it into growth for the city, country and economy.

We spoke to Aditya, on how he decided to build his team and what he looks at in the youth he interacts with. He says the primary quality that makes an individual a good employee or team member, is how well they can “catch a moving train”. They have to be able to jump on to existing projects, and add to the momentum thats already going. They have to be able to use their strengths to compliment the strengths of others on the team, and be committed to delivering something that is much larger than they are.

The most common conflict that is likely to arise, is a competition of competence. The inevitable thought that you can do what another team member is doing better than them. How does one tackle this thought. According to Aditya, respect is borne from a need to understand the person in front of you- to genuinely believe that they have something to say that is intelligent, and worth listening to. When you do that, and only when you have the humility and courage to do that can you create an environment for a team to flourish.

Being a good team member, is a skill you can learn and hone with active effort. Being a respectful person, jumping on to existing momentum require patience and practice. However, to exist and co-exist with the hundreds of intelligent people around you so you can grow from them- there is only this way: figure out how to stand out, figure out when to fit in!

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