Meet Dr Vityala Yethindra, an outstanding doctor and prolific medical researcher who is being an example of change

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Dr. Vityala Yethindra, a 24-year-old boy from Warangal, Telangana, and from childhood he was an average student and aimed to be a cricketer but his destiny made him be a doctor and researcher. He completed his MD (equivalent to MBBS) at the International University of Kyrgyzstan. 

World records

In 2018, Dr. Yethindra completed 51 medical courses in nine days from top universities such as Harvard Medical School, Institute for Wellness Education, and University of Derby; received world records from the World Record Certification Agency and Universal Records Forum.

In 2019, He received world record as the world’s youngest scientist in medicine from High Range Book of World Records, World Record Certification Agency, Assist World Records, etc. He authored two books, both of them received world records for the youngest person to write a trilingual book from the World Record Certification Agency and longest title of a book from Guinness World Records.

Medical research

Dr. Yethindra acquired successful results after evaluating the safety and efficacy of umifenovir, heparin, itolizumab, and rivaroxaban in patients with COVID-19. His important studies in the past three years included Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, Tuberculosis, and COVID-19.

He had conducted campaigns about Ethical issues surrounding false information about coronavirus disease 2019 and Coronavirus disease 2019: Ethical and Epidemiological Issues with Clinical Trials, which have been successful and even published as research articles in “European Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine.”

Yethindia COVID-19 Awareness Campaign (World’s first QR-code-based awareness campaign)

As a part of the campaign, Dr. Yethindra visited many schools in Warangal, Telangana to raise awareness among school students through practical demonstration (interactive session) with social distancing and provided QR-Code card (sanitizable) with information about mask-wearing, social distancing, and hand hygiene as a campaign material to head of the schools to forward a four-page document with animation representations and text through Whatsapp to students with zero contact.

This campaign engaged the limited mobilization of three people from the local community, till now reached over 1918 students from 15 schools including eight different areas of Warangal district and shared live-saving COVID-19 prevention tips. Masks and sanitizers are donated to all 1918 students and handed them over to respective school managements.

Assisting international students

Dr. Yethindra always tells that all are equal and all are eligible for equal opportunities. In 2020, On September 02, He was featured as a guest on “One man, different paths” program conducted by Idk series through Instagram, where he shared his experiences about academics, medical research, and voluntary services and provided recommendations for medical students. On September 9, He participated in a Facebook live interactive session with the KavyaVarsha Community, where he imparted his knowledge about preventive measures of COVID-19 and perspectives in medical research. On December 13, He was a resource speaker, delivered a presentation, and shared his expertise and knowledge with 208 students about “Virtual Discourse on Academic Research for Business and Management in the New Normal” conducted by College of Business and Accountancy, University of Antique, Philippines. On January 12, 2021, He was a host and speaker for “A perspective on post corona India and growth expectations for youngsters on healthcare mainstream and alternate careers that will redefine the Indian Health ecosystem.” He raised awareness about alternative medical careers and the importance of medicine for students.

Supporting and encouraging peers and PhD students

In 2020, Dr. Yethindra conducted 63 webinars and meetings as the host and speaker through Skype and Zoom (March to December) for his peers, clarifying queries in academics, and medical research.

In 2019-2021, He helped 23 peers and 34 PhD students from four universities of Kyrgyzstan, with academics and research methodology for free; He further helped them conduct research and acquire positive results in universities.

Awards and Honors

In 2020, He received Mahatma Gandhi National Award 2020 from Mahatma Gandhi Global Peace Forum (MGGPF) instituted by United Nations (UN) DESA and International Distinguished Young Researcher 2020 from Green Thinkerz. He even received the honorary doctorate (Doctor of Science) from Global Peace University, USA, and was acknowledged as an ambassador of peace from MGGPF.

In 2021, He received MedEngage Award from Metropolis Healthcare Ltd. and the Karmaveer Chakra Award 2021 instituted by iCONGO and UN. 

Furthermore, Dr. Yethindra will be an example of change for upcoming generations. At present, He is working on etiology, treatment, prevention and ethical issues related to different diseases such as cancer, stroke, tuberculosis, leprosy, thrombocytopenia, and COVID-19.

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