Meet Kuhoo: woman of ‘botanical souvenirs’

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ShopKuhoo is the effort of a woman, living near the foothills of the Himalayas who strives to bring back botanical souvenirs from wanders in the forest and places around, fossilised and translated into a keepsake to accompany.

Kuhoo Chandra Founded Shopkuhoo in October 2020 to preserve local flora, insects, etc. Because it’s all getting extinct, endangered as we speak about them at this moment. All the botanicals Kuhoo, fossilize are collected personally by her from the wilderness of the city Dehradun and around places like Mussoorie, Landour, etc.

It started when one day she came across a bunch of leaves and flowers that she collected during a trip to Ladakh. She had kept those botanicals with me for months now, pressed in a notebook. The smell, the texture, the tactile feel, was more tangible than the pictures and videos on her Google Drive.

Anyhow, after quitting her job as a full-time jewellery designer/creative director at a company in Jaipur. She decided to move back to her hometown – Dehradun.

During the lockdown when everyone was struggling to keep themselves sane. On a fine day, she opened a notebook which was filled with memories of the time she had travelled to Ladakh. And she wanted to see those botanicals around her to remind her of that time, accessible, and not hidden delicately in a notebook rarely opened which is neatly stacked on her room’s shelf.

Hence she started fossilizing them like nature’s keepsake. A few of her friends saw it and asked her if they could buy them. From there on, she embarked on her journey. She started making a few more charms, earrings for them.

She never buys any botanicals from the florists because sourcing locally represents the true identity of the diversity of a city like Dehradun.

Her products also are made in very small collections, and all are hand-curated with love and passion Every piece has a story, an offbeat location it belongs to like, the Bougainvilleas from Rajpur Road or the Tassleflowers from Maldevta.

It feels nice to know she can preserve nostalgia in a way.

The pieces are one-of-a-kind and handmade in very small batches to maintain the authenticity of our eccentric nature.

The packaging too is achieved to be as sustainable as possible by making it plastic-free and reusing materials.

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