Meet Shruti Kushwah: a woman with multiple feathers on her hat, while still keeping space for more feathers.

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Shruti Kushwah is the Founder of Crealoons Innovations, product engineering & development company. She stepped on to Entrepreneurship with a thought of building something through an intersection of technology, design & her expertise with healthcare, she pivoted her business model from being a multidisciplinary design company to now a product engineering services focusing on solutions driven through internet of things (IOT) & industrial IOT.

Crealoons Innovations is a product development company that helps business build products through mechanical engineering, embedded solutions & Industrial design from concept to manufacturing. They provide solutions majorly in healthcare, electronics, manufacturing & industrial products.

She expanded the business & moved to offshore engineering development & formulated Delaware based US company. After bulding the foundation with the engineering company, while she is still building it, her experiences of pivoting, failing & hustling helped her to work on one of her dream projects, which is Wine Label of her own.

She is now a partner with three companies in IOT Solutions, Gourmet Foods, Bar & Crystal Accessories in addition to her Wine business.

She started her career as Medical Advisor after finishing her masters in pharmaceutical chemistry and a post-grad diploma in IP law. She has worked with top pharmaceutical companies by handling more than 15 therapeutic segments as Medical Advisor. With her experiences in corporates, she decided to move the ladder up by enrolling in Business School in the US. She eventually dropped out the idea of getting an institutional degree from Kelloggs Business School & came back to India to build something of her own.

During her journey to be a successful entrepreneur, the biggest challenge she faced was perception of women led engineering company with no degree in engineering or design. The second challenge that she faced was Gender & Age, she was taken as an amateur, young woman with less serious business stuff. However, this is a story of every woman in our country who encounters countless hurdles to get where they wish to.

She believes, “There is huge internal & external battle that we face when we enter the world of Entrepreneurship & while fighting the inner layers, the most important thing is to stand, still hustle & keep moving above all odds”

She has been awarded with Karamveer Chakra, Supported by UN for excellence in the field of developing innovations. Awarded as the Best Growing Business, 2019 by India MSME Awards. She’s also an active part of community development projects in health awareness (including cancer awareness) & women empowerment projects majorly making them learn Brand enhancement principles, Business pivoting, marketing, Communications, Design thinking & product development through lean strategy. Shruti is a marketing strategist, startup consultant, Mentor and business leader. She is the first woman Wine business owner from Gujarat.

Her core interests are mentorship with women in tech business & women led businesses to give them the right direction of building a product. She also has her interests in Cryptocurrency, Blockchain in addition to her current business profiles. Her Goal is to have a 100 portfolio companies through investments by the end of 2032.

In a personal space, She’s an art critic & curator. Poetry creator & short metaphorical photo story writer. Shes an expressionist, change maker & leads with a clear vision for her goals.

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