Mehak Lohia: The face behind the success of Influnc

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Mehak Lohia, the Chief Executive Officer of Influnc, has rightfully stated what Theodre Roosevelt once said,  “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Mehak and her college academic life did not really go hand in hand, instead she was someone who was always looking forward to getting some internship opportunities. Basically, she wanted to gain more street smartness and practical knowledge, in contrast to what was mentioned in textbooks.

Mehak was greatly inspired and motivated to get into and work for and as the head of the marketing team and the event management teams. Interestingly, she got to showcase her talent in many of the DU top tier fests.

As a part of her internship programmes, she worked with numerous organizations, but was not really intrigued by them. She wanted to do something that is completely unique, yet powerful. Keeping her wishes in mind, she started Influnc at a naïve age, when she was in the 3rd year of her college. Her curiosity and inquisitiveness played big roles here.

However, as soon as she stepped foot in the independent startup industry, she realized this was not going to be an easy journey.

The two young and aspiring women met entrepreneurs and professionals to gain insights into the field they have chosen. This rendezvous helped them get a rough idea of how the Influncer world works and what all skills are required to run this arena.

They were ready to start from square one since they were clueless about the working of the Influncer field and were only conscious of a handful of Influncers, that too, on YouTube.

Mehak took another big step by asking famous personalities to appear in their college fests as a part of collaboration. But to her dismay, no one really showed much interest and the conversion rates were significantly low.

She came up with a plan where the Influncers were required to engage in an event with Mehak in exchange for the sponsorship she arranged for DU fests.  Fortunately, Ramjas college agreed to her approach and Ankush Bahuguna became her first guest.

Soon after this she was offered to arrange fests in top notch colleges like Hindu, Hansraj, SRCC, without any team. After the pandemic hit the world, she, just like everyone else, started working through the online medium.

She was focused on managing brand campaigns using her previous event contacts, both through the online and offline medium. Contemporarily, Mehak has built a one woman army and focuses on quality more than quantity.

Over the time, she has connected with renowned brands and embraces a team of 20 paid employees and unpaid interns, who work wonders for her.

However, this success did not come easy. Her team and company went through a great deal of struggle at its onset period. At her first collaboration, she received half the money guaranteed, since the customer remained dissatisfied. There were additional problems where brands could not trust them due to the experience of previously catered clients and remained unsure of whether or not to invest money in this firm. Problems escalated when her team members had to frequently change due to prior commitments and she had to go through the entire process of hiring new and talented interns all over.

Nevertheless, Mehak was not shattered, she took these feedbacks and constructive criticisms seriously and worked upon them day and night to make Influnc whatever it is today. Inch by inch, she was able to formulate a team of sedulous members who were devoted to bringing a positive and inspiring change to her company.

Today, Influnc is progressing day after day, and is acing in providing services like Influncer marketing, social media management, and digital marketing. Their testimonials and previous work can be reviewed on their website, at

To know more about her, check out Mehak Lohia’s LinkedIn profile at

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