Mission 2022: This Tencent-backed startup is aiming for a presence in 500 districts across India

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Launched in 2018, hyperlocal social media startup Lokal has been making steady inroads into India. Currently active in 180 districts, the app claims to be profitable in 40 locations and aims to operate in 500 districts by the end of 2022.

When Jani Pasha and his co-founder Vipul Chaudhary started Lokal in 2018, they wanted to provide hyperlocal news and developments to a non-English speaking user base. 

The app worked with a network of 250 on-ground reporters, stringers, and on-ground sales teams. It provided hyperlocal news on topics ranging from agriculture and politics to daily information on essentials including food and petrol prices. 

The Bengaluru-based startup initially garnered users through advertisements on different social media platforms, but most of its user acquisition was organic and through word of mouth.  

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