Mithilesh Vazalwar, the founder of Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters

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Mithilesh Vazalwar is an ardent personality whose life took a u-turn because of an idea that changed his life, and he started Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters. A business that is not found in the market very much.

The source of the business idea 

Mithilesh went to Melbourne in the year 2015. At that time, he went there for a great tie-up for his charter accountancy firm. He was pursuing CA back in that year. His interest in coffee made him meet a lot of roasters Q graders and took part in many workshops, but a two-day workshop changed his life completely.

Being the national level badminton player, he had to travel a lot, and coffee is what every flight serves to the people. So from the beginning, he had a close connection to the coffee. 


First, he had to see the opportunity cost and variable costs of running this business. He had to see that whether the Indian Audience was ready to accept the new business or not. For this, he talked to many people and businesses and worked day and night to establish his plans and get customer attention. 

Whenever you start any business from the roots, it is always a one-man business show. For Mithilesh, he was alone when he started the business, but now he has a team of over 35 people who work day and night to make this business a hit. This is how the company got started in the year 2017. The company was initiated with an investment of 19lack.

Further Challenges

Initially, he had to work 18 hours a day. Finding the right kind of employees as well as the customers was very difficult. Specialty coffee is a new concept, and making people understand this concept is very tough. The finance is always a point where small business is always fighting for. He never gave up.

Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters

The company sources the Best Indian Green Coffee beans from the farmers to the people without any middle man and roast them themselves.

The coffee is then supplied and shipped to the pan India to various cafes and hotel chains. The company works on USP that If quality exists, then people won’t resist. Such is the business model of Mithilesh. The staff works hard along with the owner in fulfilling the customers’ needs, and that is the strength of the company that works for the customers.


The turnover of the company is 2-3 cr and the products are loved by many. His company launched a Youtube channel as well, and a lot of people loved this idea. The owner of the company is a proud coffee q-grader. He is one of the 20 q-graders that India Possess. He has also worked with the Coffee champions. Started a business on a 180sq feet space. He is also trying food business and is also trying to work on new ideas and new things.

Hence success is assured to those who chose to not give up.

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