Mohammad Hussain- Founder of India’s first sustainable fashion-tech brand: Kidbea

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Giving some insights, what Kidbea does, Its India’s first sustainable kids brand, which makes certified organic, spill-proof, and anti-bacterial kids products. They aim to provide non-toxic sustainable products to the children and above that, a relaxed parenting experience for the good.

Mohammad Hussain is a graduate in Computer science engineering who started this venture, named “Smartwear” with his two companions in his college days. It took around two rigorous years to set up this entire business, and they established it despite the odds, but destiny had some different plans, everything was going on their side; their clothing sector was running at a decent pace before the almighty covid came in and brought their business to the verge of collapse. Their sales exponentially declined.

 Smartwear didn’t match the expectations in the pandemic, it was observed post-pandemic that spill-proof clothes were more needed by kids, not adults. This was when they decided to shift things to a different sector. In January 2021, they moved into the kid’s clothing. Fortunately, during their commencement, they got their first investor from Delhi and that is how they started their brand “Kidbea”. With the passage of time, they even received their second and third investments from different investors who saw the vision behind this. It is very well said, “what happens, happens for good!”. Today, Kidbea has raised funds of around 51 lakhs and has made their space in the kid’s wear industry.

During their journey, came a lot of ups & downs sprinkled with plenty of struggles. According to the founder, the whole period seems to be a potential struggle before you grab an investor. The biggest problem entrepreneurs face today is the lack of access to mentorship. Moreover, funding will not be an issue if you get the right mentorship in the beginning, as this will help you to know about the product’s suitability in the market.

This was the problem they faced at the time of launching their first product. They were excited about it as they had innovated something and thought that it will be liked and purchased by the public. But this did not happen. After getting their first investor plus mentor, they were able to get knowledge about the market fit product and today, are generating huge sales.

So basically, the key to a successful business, according to him, is to get a good mentor.

Kidbea was started with three members and today has a company size of about 15. They have estimated sales of around 20 crores in 2022. Starting from zero somewhere down the graph, they’ve now built a team of fifteen members and have also been marked a patent-filed company. Today, they have achieved a decent position in the market with a lot of investors and are on the path to make Kidbea as India’s No. 1 Sustainable Kidswear brand.


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