Myths and facts related to drinking milk one should know

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Misconceptions are bad, not only they create doubts but sometimes also prevent us from having good things. One the most misconceived food item is milk. As a child we used to drink milk, even sometimes we were forced by our parents to drink because of its all health benefits. But as we age, our judgment is clouded with other information, misconception and biasness. But some people are actually lactose intolerant, which means their body can’t produce the enzyme lactase that digests milk which leads to indigestion and cramping. But other people who can produce this enzyme, can perfectly digest dairy and reap its health benefits. Here are 5 truths about milk:

1. Causes bloating of not digested properly

Milk only causes bloating if it isn’t digested. People who are lactose intolerant or with old age, our body gradually stops producing the enzyme – Lactase, which causes problems in the digestion of the milk leading to bloating in some people.

2. Milk aids weight loss

Milk can actually help in weight loss, drinking around 3 servings of milk promotes fat burning, leading to an accelerated weight loss.

3. Causes acne

Milk can cause acne in some people, as milk breaks down, it’s constituent: D-Galactose is released which is known to cause inflammation. This happens more if you drink too much milk or consume too much dairy.

4. Great source of calcium

Milk is a great source of calcium, though you can always take your calcium from other food sources, no food matches the ease of milk. Just 1 glass of milk provides calcium that is equal to eating 10 bowls of spinach!

5. Helps in muscle recovery

Milk also helps maintain muscles mass because of its optimal protein:carbohydrate ratio. It’s also a very good post workout drink, milk is also helps in muscle recovery and repair.

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