NASA Identified ‘Something Weird’ Happening To Our Universe

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‘Something strange’ appears to be the best way NASA can describe what happened after getting the data from the telescope, as the space agency noted in a press release that the situation remains shrouded in mystery.

The discovery is linked to the end of a ‘almost 30-year marathon’ in which the telescope calibrated’milepost markers’ to aid astronomers in measuring the universe’s expansion rate.

Scientists identified a ‘discrepancy’ in the pace of expansion happening around us in the ‘local universe’ compared to measurements from shortly after the Big Bang as data got more detailed.

The discrepancy forecasts a “different expansion value,” according to NASA, with data from the telescope supporting the “concept that something strange is going on, maybe involving entirely new physics.” However, the actual reason for the disparity has yet to be discovered.

A new publication by a team of scientists led by Nobel Laureate Adam Riess of the Space Telescope Science Institute and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, details the Hubble Space Telescope upgrade.

“You are getting the most precise gauge of the expansion rate for the universe from the gold standard of telescopes and cosmic mile markers,” Riess said of the data obtained from the telescope.

“This is what the Hubble Space Telescope was designed to perform, using the most advanced techniques available.” This is most likely Hubble’s magnum effort, as doubling the sample size would require another 30 years of Hubble’s life.”

Though astronomers have yet to offer an explanation for the ‘abnormal’ discovery, NASA stated that such unanswered questions keep cosmologists like Riess interested in their work. “Actually, I don’t care what the expansion value is specifically, but I like to use it to learn about the universe,” Riess said.

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