National Vaccination Day: Why it’s celebrated

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From the beginning of the year 2021, everyone must have read and heard about vaccination, from children to the elderly. The danger of a catastrophic outbreak of the Corona epidemic, which was at the peak since the beginning of last year, scared everyone. However, this year, everyone is relieved that now that we have the Covid-19 vaccine against it. At the same time, the worldwide vaccination campaign is advancing rapidly. But very few people know that National Vaccination / Immunization Day i.e. National Vaccination Day is celebrated every year on March 16 in the country.

This has been continuously celebrated in the country since 1995. National Vaccination Day was first observed in 1995. The National Pulse Polio Vaccination Campaign was launched on the same day in the country. Due to this campaign, the spread of polio has stopped in the country.

In 2021, the vaccination campaign of Covid-19 is going on to break the chain of the spread of the Corona epidemic. With this, the importance of National Immunization Day has become more important this year.

So far more than three crore people have been vaccinated in India under Covid vaccination. Currently, Covid is in the second phase of the vaccination campaign. Vaccines are being given to people between 45 and 60 years of age and above. Let us know in the next slides what is vaccination, the history of National Immunization Day in India and the importance of vaccination.

What is vaccination?

According to the WHO, Vaccination/immunization is a process through which a person’s immune system is strengthened against disorders or viruses that harm the body and health.

After the vaccine dissolves in the blood present in the body, it helps to make the healthy immune system safe from external attacks by making antibodies. Antibodies after vaccination weaken or eliminate or weaken germs, such as viruses or bacteria. Due to which people cannot become victims of the disease.

Vaccination Day History

National Immunization Day was celebrated for the first time in the country on 16 March 1995. The first dose of oral polio vaccine was given that day in the country. Pulse Polio Campaign was launched by the Government of India to end the polio epidemic considered to be the father of disability in the country.

In the last few decades, vaccines have emerged as an integral weapon to fight deadly diseases like tetanus, polio, tuberculosis and can save the lives of millions.

During this year we are observing the world’s largest vaccine drive. Undoubtedly, India becomes the world largest hub of vaccine manufacturing and supplying. Even the director of WHO expressed his gratitude towards India for providing the vaccine to many countries.

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